Why Your Roof Fails & How You Can Fix It

Roofs can fail for any number of reasons, even fresh Glendale new roof installations. Unfortunately, this is a much more common occurrence than you may realize, and it is often due to an unreliable Glendale roofing contractor who performed poor-quality work and used cheap materials. The experts at Arizona Roof Rescue have listed a few of the other most common reasons that cause roofs to fail, and what you can do about it.


When you have a new roof installation on your home or business, or Glendale roof repair is performed on your Glendale tile roofing, it is important that ventilation is properly addressed. A correctly installed ventilation system should help maintain a stable temperature inside your home, regardless of the outdoor weather. It will help push heat and moisture out during the hot summer months, and keep heat from leaking out during the colder winter months. Additionally, this will help improve your overall energy bill by avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations inside your home.

If you suspect that the ventilation of your Glendale shingle roofing has been inadequately addressed, contact a trusted roofing company serving Glendale to inspect it. Most reliable contactors will provide a free inspection and offer an estimated repair cost for whatever issue you may be facing. The team at Arizona Roof Rescue is highly adept in all kinds of repairs, on many different types of roofing materials. We do not cut corners and use only high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that your ventilation will work adequately and correctly after we get done with it.


This is the most important aspect of a roof. If the initial installation on your Glendale residential roofing is done wrongly or poorly, you will have nothing but troubles with leaks, mold, sky-high energy bills, and more. Even if the installer used excellent quality materials, when a roof is not installed properly, it will not function correctly.

To avoid this issue, be certain to choose a trustworthy, highly-rated Glendale roofing company near you to do the initial installation. Talk with family and friends, browse reviews, and ask to see a portfolio of previous work. All these steps will help you pinpoint a roofing company who knows what they are doing, such as Arizona Roof Rescue. From installation, to repairs, to maintenance tips, our experienced contractors are the best in the business! Our attention to detail sets us apart from other roofing companies, and we will always charge you a fair price for your roof installation.


If your roofing contractor charges an exceptionally low price for your Glendale re-roofing project or repairs, you can be fairly certain they are using cheap materials. While low costs always seem like a good idea, remember that you get exactly what you pay for. Cheap cost equals cheap materials, which will lead to a faulty roof.

It is better to make a larger investment into roofing materials that will last longer, be more durable, and overall simply work better. Any reliable roofing company serving Glendale, such as Arizona Roof Rescue, will use only high-quality materials that have proven their longevity and durability, and will charge a fair price for these materials. If you are on a tight budget, sit down with one of our team members at Arizona Roof Rescue and we can help you make a roofing plan with excellent materials that will not max out your budget.


The flashing on a roof protects areas where pipes, chimneys, vents, and dormers connect to the roof. Typically, these areas are more prone to leaks, warping, and other issues. The best way to seal these problem areas is with metal flashing, rather than just caulk or sealant. Flashing will last much longer and does not degrade over time like other products do. Be certain that your contractor uses high-quality metal flashing on these areas, and if they will not, don’t hesitate to find someone else who will. It may slightly delay getting your roofing project started, but is 100% worth the effort in the long run.

As shown, roofs fail for any number of reasons. If you want to be certain that your roof will last for years to come, contact Arizona Roof Rescue. Our team is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in all types of roof repairs and installations with a variety of materials. Our commitment to excellent service and 100% customer satisfaction ensure that your roof is installed properly, thoroughly, and with high-quality materials. To learn more about how we can serve you, contact Arizona Roof Rescue today!

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