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Roof Repair Services offered by the professionals at Arizona Roof Rescue

Roof repair is important for protecting your Phoenix home from damage and the walls from water damage. We recommend getting a roof inspection to determine if you will need to get your roof fixed by a licensed Glendale roofer BEFORE the next storm! Let us come out, get on the roof of your home, and walk and inspect. We can see things that need to be fixed quite easily, and can often prevent larger damage by doing repairs right when they are needed. An example would be twisted or warped roof planking. Roof planking is important, because the protective layer goes on top of of it, and the tiles go on top of that. If there is any water getting through to the wood, the twisting will continue an accentuate, tearing through your water tight membrane. Eventually, even shingles and tiles can come undone, only to go flying off and damage cars and other property, all because of a twisted board.

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How Important Is It To Fix Roof Leaks?

Leaky roofs can cause problems for homes and businesses. some of the side effects of a leak can include:

  • A bigger leak
  • Water Damage, and the mold that goes with that
  • Damaged attic insulation, which can also cause mold and need to be replaced
  • Damage Electronics placed in the attic, such as air handlers, vent fans, solar systems wiring and components and more

Fixing And Repairing Tile Roofs

Arizona Roof Rescue is a licensed residential roofing contractor, and can replace or repair any tile roof. in addition to restoring your home to its original watertight state, we can match the tile used on any house, so the repair is seamless and aesthetic.

Restoring Flat And Foam Roofs

Roofs need to be replaced, and sometime they just need to be repaired. In Arizona, roof repair is a common need, as our weather can range from icy in the winter to well over 110 in the summer, causing materials to crack or wear out faster. We also are blessed with micro bursts and very energetic intermittent hail storms, which results in gigantic amounts of damage to property and the things responsible for protecting them, in this case flat foam roofs.

  • Gutenberg Residence in need of roof repair

    Gutenberg Residence in need of roof repair

  • Gutenberg Residence Before

    Gutenberg Residence Before

  • Expert Roof Repair Services

    Expert Roof Repair Services

  • Finished Project - Gutenberg Residence

    Finished Project – Gutenberg Residence

  • Finished Roofing Project

    Finished Roofing Project

  • Gutenberg Residence - A Satisfied Customer

    Gutenberg Residence – A Satisfied Customer

  • Gutenberg Roof - After

    Gutenberg Roof – After

  • Gutenberg Roofing Project

    Gutenberg Roofing Project

  • Roof Repair by Arizona Roof Rescue

    Roof Repair by Arizona Roof Rescue

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