What to Expect during a Routine Roof Inspection

Getting a roof inspection twice a year is necessary to keeping your roof as healthy as it can be. You may not think that your roof is experiencing any problems, but it could be harboring issues that you can’t even see. There could be rotting subdecking, loose shingle or tile, or deteriorating underlayment. You wouldn’t know that any of these issues were present until the damage has started to spread – and by then, you’d be paying for extensive and costly repairs.

A roof inspection from a professional roofer is quite extensive, and it will uncover any issues that your roof is suffering. Your roofer will then give you recommendations for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, if they are needed.

Here’s what you can expect during a routine roof inspection:

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Interior Inspection

Before your roofer will climb up on your roof, he will go inside your attic to check out your roof from the inside. It is there that a lot of problems can be seen, even when they can’t be seen from the top of the roof since shingle or tile may cover up issues. The roofer will look for signs of leaks, mold, or rotting on the subdecking and the joists.

While inside your attic, your roofer will also check your insulation to ensure that it is providing the proper protection. Your roofer will also check that you have proper ventilation so that your roof is not retaining moisture, which can damage the wood and other roofing materials.

Exterior Inspection

This is the part that you expect – when your roofer climbs up on your house and has a look around the roof.

The roofer will check out the condition of your shingles or tiles first, looking for signs that there are any loose or missing shingles or tiles. If you have shingle, the roofer will also look for signs that there has been deterioration, such as by checking the gutters for granules.

Next, your roofer will take a closer look at the flashing, which is the connecting material by your vents, chimney, side walls, eaves, and other items that protrude from the roof. Most leaks start with problems with the flashing, so your roofer will ensure that the flashing is in good condition and is properly fastened.

Finally, your roofer will look for signs of ice dams, which can occur when your gutters are clogged and the water backs up and freezes.

Written Plan

When your roofer is done with the inspection, he will present you with a written report that ill include details about what he found and what he recommends, if anything. The roofer will include recommendations for maintenance or repairs, and will include an estimate for these services. In some cases, your roofer may recommend upgrades, such as new insulation or new roofing materials. Your roofer will discuss these things with you and explain the reason for the recommendations and why they would benefit your property.

It’s easy to overlook the bi-annual roofing inspection. You don’t look at your roof, and it’s usually out of sight, out of mind. But damage can be spreading without you realizing it, and if you let it go, you can end up with a lot more problems on your hands, including damage to your home itself. Invest in the roof inspection and be sure that you are catching problems early. You’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run, and you’ll preserve the life of your roof. That will save you even more money over time since you won’t have to invest in re-roofing as often.

Arizona Roof Rescue. is ready to partner with you to keep your roof healthy. We perform routine roof inspections and roof maintenance, and we can provide emergency repairs when necessary. We’ll help you keep your roof in top shape so that it continues to protect your property and make it more energy efficient. We’ll ensure that your insulation, ventilation, and roofing materials are all working together to provide the right protection for your home. Call us today to schedule your routine roof inspection or to discuss your other roofing needs. We offer free estimates for repairs.

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