5 Key Benefits of a Duro-Last Roof

Many businesses and even some homes have a flat roof or a roof that has a very slight slope, appearing to be almost flat. With these types of roofs, the owners may think that their only options are flat roofing systems, such as the foam roofs that are sprayed on as a liquid and then harden. However, Duro-Last is an exceptional option for flat or low-pitch roofs that have more benefits than foam roofs and other flat roofing systems.

5 Key Benefits Of A Duro Last Roof

Here are five key benefits to a Duro-Last roof:

1. It is Custom- and Pre-Fabricated

Installation of some flat roofing systems are limited by weather conditions. For example, you can’t have a foam roof installed when it is raining. If you try, the water will mix with the foam, weakening its structure, and the roof won’t dry properly. Duro-Last roofing is pre-fabricated at another location, so the weather is not a factor for its installation. It can be installed at any time of year.

Duro-Last roofing is also custom-fabricated specifically for your roof. That means that it will have a perfect fit for your roof, including all the particular nooks and crannies it has, as well as any slope it might have.

2. It Can be Installed Easily

A large part of the expense of a new roof is the labor required to install it. One of the benefits of the Duro-Last system is that it can be installed easily, which can cut down on the time required to get a new roof, as well as the expense. Approximately 85 percent of the membrane seaming is completed before the Duro-Last materials even arrive on site, so a great deal of the work is already completed before the job begins.

Because so much of the seaming is done before the work stars, there is also a lower chance that mistakes will be made when the roof is installed. Even still, you should always hire a roofer that has special training and experience with Duro-Last roof installation to make sure that you are getting the best for your roof.

3. Little Maintenance is Required

Some roofing types require a lot of maintenance, which can increase the amount of time and money you spend on your property. Foam roofs require regular cleaning and sealing to remain durable and to protect your property. No such maintenance is required for a Duro-Last roof. The membrane is resistant to water damage and high winds, and you don’t have to do anything special to maintain those qualities.

Most Duro-Last roofs come with a warranty for around 15 years. Some roofers may offer additional warranties, which will extend the protection you get for your roof. Always ask a Duro-Last roofer you are considering hiring what warranties are available and what they cover.

4. It is Energy-Efficient

When you think about cutting back on your energy costs, you might think about things like installing LED bulbs, using a programmable thermostat to turn the temperature up or down when the property isn’t occupied, or even making major changes like replacing the windows or putting in solar panels. But your roof is actually one of the biggest influences on how much energy your property consumes. Duro-Last roofing is one of the most energy-efficient roofing options available.

By installing a Duro-Last roof, you can save a lot of money on your energy costs, and you can feel better knowing that you are doing your part for the environment. As a business, you use up even more energy than most properties. By getting an energy-efficient roof, you are helping to conserve on energy usage significantly.

5. It is Resistant to Heat and Fire Damage

Not only is Duro-Last roofing resistant to water damage, but it is also resistant to damage from heat and fire. The membrane is resists heat, fire, and even chemical damage. Some chemicals can result in “burns” to roofing materials, but the composition of Duro-Last materials resists such changes.

Since your roof is one of the first lines of defense for your property, having a heat- and fire-resistant roof can prevent much more serious damages to your home or business. And when the temperatures reach the triple digits in Arizona, you’ll be happy to have that protection against the sun on your property.

Duro-Last is one of the best roofing types available for flat or low-pitch roofs – if not the best roofing option available. Talk to a Duro-Last certified roofer to learn more about how this roof could benefit your particular property or to get an estimate for a new roof installation.

Canyon State Roofing is Arizona’s premier Duro-Last roofing installer. Our experienced roofers are all certified to install Duro-Last roofs, so you can trust the results we offer. Duro-Last is actually our preferred choice for properties with flat roofs thanks to its many benefits, and it is especially popular for commercial buildings. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to get a free estimate.

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