Top 5 Things to Consider Before Re-Roofing Your Home

As we all know, any Glendale residential roofing project is a big investment. Though it is completely worth the money spent, you want to make sure to choose a reputable Glendale roofing company that can be depended upon to do the job well.
Additionally, having the re-roofing project done well ensures longevity and increases the likelihood that you will not need to worry about it again for many years to come. Here we discuss 5 factors to consider before taking the plunge to re-roof your home.



Before your Glendale new roof installation, check with your contractor about their ventilation methods. Having proper ventilation and air movement in the attic of your home will help stabilize the temperature within your home year round, and prevent the buildup of any dangerous gases such as radon. Plus, proper airflow will help avert the growth of mold and mildew from moisture buildup.

Your Glendale roofing contractor should definitely include gables and ridge vents in their estimate; if not, consider choosing a different company that better understands the importance of good roof ventilation. Arizona Roof Rescue is a full-service roofing company specializing in all types of roof repairs and installations. We will be certain to create excellent airflow throughout your roof to increase its longevity.

Energy Efficiency

While the curb appeal of your roof is a dominant feature to keep in mind, overall the efficiency of the roof should be what influences your choice the most. A quality energy-efficient roof will keep your bills from skyrocketing and may even help decrease your energy costs. If you have a roof that keeps cool air in and hot sun out, your air conditioning will not have to work so hard to keep the indoor temperature down.

Additionally, if your Glendale tile roofing easily reflects the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it, your roof maintenance costs will stay lower since heat damage will be less. Though an energy-efficient roof may not be as visually appealing, it will certainly make up for it in lowering your energy bills. At Arizona Roof Rescue, we offer a wide selection of roofing materials and colors to choose from, allowing you the flexibility to choose the best of both worlds.


Be sure to ask your Glendale roofing contractor to install high-quality, low maintenance gutters along with the re-roofing project. Gutters that are hung crookedly will be inefficient and unsightly, so it is important to choose a roofing company knowledgeable in this area. After the installation, routine maintenance is encouraged to help prolong the lifespan, efficiency, and durability of your gutters.

Chimney Seal

A chimney cap is quite often overlooked by roofing companies, though it is a necessary feature. Essentially, a chimney cap lowers the energy requirements of your home by keeping the warm air inside and creating a barrier against weather elements from the outside. It also helps keep small rodents and birds from unknowingly entering your home through the chimney and setting in. Though small, inexpensive, and easily forgotten, the airtight chimney cap greatly contributes to the quality of your roof.

Eave Flashings

If you are having a Glendale shingle roof installed, make sure your contractor is using eave flashings. These wonderful pieces of material create a barrier to keep moisture out from underneath the shingles and help prevent ice dam formation in the winter. They are a simple, thin layer of weather-proof material, and play a critical role in the lifespan of your roof’s shingles. Without eave flashings, moisture will build up under your shingles and cause mold growth, as well as force the shingles apart and keep them from properly doing their job.

If it is time for you to find a reputable Glendale roof repair company, consider calling Arizona Roof Rescue. With years of experience and excellent qualifications, our courteous team of experts will gladly assist you with your Glendale re-roofing project. We will provide high quality materials, unbeatable service, and do the job right the first time. Along with 24/7 emergency repair services, our roof technicians are familiar with roofs of all types and are adept in their repair and installation. Look no further than Arizona Roof Rescue to meet and exceed all your roofing needs!

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