Have you noticed an uptick in your utility bills lately, and can’t quite nail down where the energy leak is coming from? Sometimes, it can be a sign that it’s time to check the health of your Glendale roof. A Roof Repair can be what’s needed to make sure you’re not spending money to heat or cool the outdoors. Other times, it can be found that a re-roofing is needed to keep the elements out, and bring your bills down.

My Utility Bills Are High: Five Signs That Your Roof Isn’t Doing its Job

Before you can determine where you can start saving money on those utility bills, you must first determine where you’re losing energy from. Could it be a breakdown in your Glendale roof, or inadequacy in the attic insulation? Have you kept up on roof maintenance, making sure that there are no missing or broken tiles or shingles? Is there a gap in your roof boards? How do you know what it looks like when your roof isn’t doing its job? Here are some things you can look at.

The Age of Your Glendale Roof

Do you know how old your current roof is? Most roofers will tell you that a roof has a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. This can fluctuate based on the type of roof that was installed, the quality of the products used, and how the roof was installed. Proper roof maintenance over time can also impact the lifespan of your Glendale roof. If your roof is older than 20 years, it may be time for a complete re-roofing to bring those bills down.

Shingles or Tiles in Poor Condition

If you’ve noticed that your tiles are cracked or missing, or the shingles are curled and buckling, this could also signal the need for a re-roofing on your Glendale home. Try looking at the areas of your roof that get the most direct sunlight. If you notice that the shingles are curling or losing their granules, they could be past their expiration date. It is best to contact a licensed Glendale roofing company to have an inspection done to make sure that the correct roof repairs are made to help your Glendale roof get back to work.

Missing Tiles or Shingles

Buckeye Shingle RoofingIf your roof is missing tiles or shingles, that leaves gaps in your coverage, thus allowing energy to leak from your home. If you’ve ruled out energy inefficient doors and windows, your roof is the most likely contender in the loss of energy in your Glendale home, and leaving holes in your roof coverage can definitely be the culprit.

Daylight in the Attic

This seems to be the most obvious, and easy to check, possibility. If you get into your Glendale attic space, and you can see daylight peeking through the roof boards, you know exactly where your energy is leaking from. If you see that light where it should not be, contact a roofing company in Glendale to come seal up the cracks in your roof.

Ventilation and Insulation in Glendale

Is your roof lacking adequate ventilation? That element alone could cause your heating/cooling systems to run more often than necessary. You don’t want hot air getting trapped in the attic during the summer months, causing your air conditioner to have to work overtime. In either hot or cold weather, moisture can get trapped without proper ventilation, allowing a build-up of moisture condensation that can leak into your insulation, leaving it less efficient than it should be.

You should also make sure that under your roof is the proper amount of insulation. Even doing a complete re-roofing can be insufficient to reduce your bills without proper insulation under it. The Energy Star government website can give you a good idea about what insulation rating will work best for you.

Get an Inspection

If you have questions about the efficacy of your roof, call a professional roofing company in Glendale, AZ and have your roof inspected to make sure it’s up to the job of keeping energy in and the elements out. It could be that your roof has a weak spot that you’re losing energy from, and you haven’t been able to locate it yourself. Have Arizona Roof Rescue come out to check the health of your roof, and get those bills moving in the right direction. Call us at 602-242-2706 to schedule a consult.

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