How To Lower Your Utility Bills in Phoenix Arizona

Approximately three decades have passed ever since the initial oil crisis that provided Americans an unforgettable experience in energy deficiency. Nonetheless countless homeowners still don’t comprehend how much energy leaks out of their households each day in spite of the strides they have taken to prevent it. It’s about so much more than just keeping the door closed in the winter and the windows tightly sealed, homes leak a great deal of energy throughout. Experts have notated that many homes, even the ones that are brand new, are like a sieve leaking a great amount of energy. While they are thought to be a contained environment, they are anything but. Though many studies have proven the areas of the homes that are most susceptible to an energy leak, contractors and homeowners still don’t know what they need to do to make sure it sealed tight.

How To Lower Your Utility Bills in Phoenix ArizonaMuch of the studies were conducted by the Oregon State University in an effort to help those who have low income to be more energy efficient. The Weatherization Assistance Program helps those who are on the poverty level learn how to conserve their energy thus lowering their utility bills. In Phoenix Arizona, the energy consumption is unparalleled to that of Oregon. First, this desert climate has an extreme temperature that means the AC system hardly shut off. When temperatures soar above one hundred degrees, many homeowners think turning their AC system below seventy degrees is going to solve their problem. However; there are many other steps that can be taken to ensure that the home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Most people know that the hot air that is inside the home will rise to the top or the ceiling and out through the attic. If it is wintertime this can be a great loss of energy as the heat will simply escape through the roof. When there are leaks in the attic floors it is a huge suction for energy. In fact, homeowners may have sprung for the higher grade R-value insulation, but when the attic floors have holes in them, it can reduce the efficiently of the insulation more than fifty percent. Most people are concerned about leaks that occur around the windows and doors of their home. While these areas can be of some concern, they do not release near the energy that people think they do. Better still, if there is a gap that occurs in the duct system of the home, it can drag down the HVAC systems efficiency by nearly forty percent.

The first thing that a homeowner should consider is their attic. In Phoenix Arizona when a home is dealing with the extreme temperatures, it will help to cool down the upper quarters of the home making cooling easier. Sure your HVAC system will do a great bit of the work in keeping the home cool, but the less it has to run the more money the homeowner can save. Every wonder why the top level of the home is much hotter than the bottom level? When hot air rises is settles in the upper stories of the home making these rooms more difficult to cool and even more difficult to keep mold and other harmful toxins at bay.

If the home is an energy hog, check the roofing for issues. Make sure all shingles are in place and if it is a metal roof, make sure there is no rusting or holes.  If problems are noticed, be sure to call a certified Arizona roofing contractor for assistance with your residential roof repair.

If the rooftop is in good shape and there is adequate insulation in the attic, then the next thing to consider is a circulation vent. A fan in the attic will help to circulate the air and prevent energy loss. While these fans were popular years ago they became more of a hassle than they were worth. Today’s newer versions are solar and they don’t require cords and wires like old models. They are rather simple to install too. The hardest part of the entire process is climbing on the high pitch of the gable to cut the appropriate hole. These fans use no electricity so they are very efficient to operate.

Making the home energy efficient doesn’t require a special contractor and certainly doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. It may take a couple of weekends to get a good handle on the home’s energy problems but it is time well spent. Seal the attic of any holes and make sure the HVAC ductwork is in good shape. If a homeowner spends a mere $50 in repair materials this can save more than thirty percent of the overall energy billing. Everything counts when it comes to saving money. From the type of roofing to the insulation R-value selected, but putting a little time and effort into a home can pay off big time.

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