Commercial Roofing Guide: 3 Signs

It’s Time To Take Immediate Action

There is no doubt that your commercial roof is a huge investment. Whether it is a Glendale new roof installation, or has been protecting your business for many years, it is critical to properly maintain your shingle roofing so that it continues to stay in solid shape and preserve its integrity. Are you aware of the signs that your commercial roof or Glendale residential roofing needs immediate attention? The contractors at Arizona Roof Rescue have shared the big three signs they see that most commonly indicate the need for Glendale roof repair.

Commercial Roofing Guide 3 Signs It’s Time To Take Immediate Action

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Whether there is a big or small leak in your commercial roof, it is important to have a Phoenix roofing contractor inspect and address the issue right away. It is important to note that leaks are noticeable long after they have begun, which means that usually by the time you identify a leak, there is already damage done.

If you notice any peculiar stained walls, streaks that run down the wall, pooling water, or water obviously flowing from the ceiling, these are clear indicators that a leak is occurring and needs to be repaired immediately by an expert roofing company serving Phoenix.

Is There Standing Water?

Flat roofs are extremely common on commercial buildings, due to their affordability and durability. The one downfall for flat roofs is their ability to accumulate standing water. This can occur for several reasons, whether the roof was installed poorly to begin with, damage has occurred, or the drainage system is simply clogged or blocked. It is critical to periodically climb up on your commercial roof and check for any standing water, and contact a Phoenix roofing company near you right away if you find some.

Was Your Roof Installed Correctly?

You may notice structural damage or obvious imperfections on your commercial roof, which likely means the roof was poorly installed by the original contractor. No matter if you have a flat roof, shingle roof, or Avondale tile roofing, your roof will not work as it should if it was not installed correctly. You will always be dealing with leaks, damages, cracks, standing water, and other issues. If you suspect that your commercial roof has structural damage and will need a Avondale re-roofing, contact a reputable contractor right away to assess the situation. Do some research so you make sure to hire a company with a strong reputation, appropriate training and licensure, and uses the right tools and products for the job.

Arizona Roof Rescue

If you have begun to notice any leaks, standing water, or signs of poor installation on your commercial roof, it is time to call Arizona Roof Rescue. Our roofing contractors are experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in all types of roof repair and installation. As a fully licensed and insured roofing company, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and thorough workmanship, along with exceptional customer service and a commitment to high-quality work. At Arizona Roof Rescue, we proudly stand by our workmanship, and are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction throughout the entire process. For professional help dealing with any commercial roof concerns, call Arizona Roof Rescue today!

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