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It would be soooo amazing to have a second (or third) home in SoCo, or maybe you vacation in the Florida Keys. Regardless, as wonderful as vacationing is there’s always something we have to think about and maintain to ensure our enjoyable time away from real life. Why can’t vacation be real life? That’s what we want to know.

With so many sustainable roofing options now available, it makes having a stress-free vacation home even more real than ever before. Especially if you do, or have considered, using AirBnb or any other vacation rental listing website, imagine how enticing Gorgeous two bedroom home on the beach – energy efficient! seems to a couple seeking a low cost getaway?

Arizona Roof Rescue, specializing in repairs in the Phoenix area, understands how viable other roof options, rather than just Glendale shingles or foam, can be and is here to provide the details. Since our vacation homes are usually not used but for more than a few months of the year, the less the maintenance, the better. Having piece of mind that the structure and integrity of your vacation home, with special regards to the roof, is not only necessary but adds to your vacation mindset of stress-free vacationing (and living).

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Let the sunshine shine.

We’re almost positive that is a song, and if not it should be. Breakthroughs in technology continue to increase solar’s accessibility for roofing solutions. Solar is a virtually limitless resource and should be utilized wherever possible.

Solar can incredibly decrease utility bills and is a super efficient system. Cutting energy costs down to about one third of normal, solar panels for a roofing solution is on our list of top ideas. Many times homeowners find themselves generating more energy than is needed to run their homes, proving the sun’s incredible (and natural!) ability to sustain a home. An up-front investment can make an astonishing difference in energy bills in the long run, usually paying for itself within months. Most people aren’t aware that there are federal tax credits of up to 30% and state and local utility discounts for installing such a system on your home.

It takes a lot of technical excellence and ability to install a roof, and generally takes a Glendale roofer just a few days to install solar panels once the permits and inspection has gone through, further validating the Solar panel roofing option. Additionally, solar panels can be cleverly incorporated into many house designs that increase the discretion and aid in the functionality.

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Among other eco-friendly and sustainable roofing options…

Recycled shingles, slate and clay tiles and even some metal roofing is all more sustainable than the average. Containing plastic, wood and rubber fibers, recycled shingles are among the greenest roofing solution out there. They happen to be amazingly durable and you can feel good knowing that you’re reusing just about everything you can reuse. It’s like there is a good deed built in to using recycled shingles also – they help keep debris out of landfills – win, win. What can be more durable than slate? Ok, I’m sure there’s plenty but slate or clay tiles can last as your roofing solution for hundreds of years. Whoa. The good news about metal roofing is that although it may not seem as eco-friendly as recycled material, the maintenance is so low that it will save you loads of money (therefore conserving paper) and is recyclable when it’s lived out it’s duty as your sustainable roofing option.

Lately we can turn just about anything into anything, and giving us one more roofing option to make our list is rubber. Utilizing old tires for roofing material was beyond us, until we realized how efficient it could be. Rubber roofing is usually coated with ground slate for texture, but makes Glendale roof repair a breeze and comes in a wide array of colors.

roof solutions vacation homeMore and more homeowners are stepping over from cheap and easy to sustainable housing solutions. It comes down to how much time and effort can be put into a home in the short term to benefit you in the long run. When it comes to vacation homes, we think that the less you have to worry, the better and hopefully you’ve got some great ideas by now of how to increase value and sustainably roof your vacation home. Arizona Roof Rescue in Glendale should be your go-to for roof repair, as we specialize in the safety and maintenance of all roofing material. Arizona roofs face more issues than the average, from our monsoons and hail storms to the blazing and unfailing sun. Call us today for more information!

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