How to Prepare Your Home for a Shingle Roof Installation

Doing a shingle roof installation in Sun City on your own needs to be done carefully. The reason you are doing this expensive home project on your own is to save money. Contracting a roofing company in Sun City can be quite an expense. By performing the installation on your own, you are only saving money on labor. In order to conserve the money that is being save, doing the roof installation properly is important. With that being said, it’s important to start strong. There is a lot of preparation that goes behind installing a new single roof.

how to prepare your home for a shingle roof installation

Before turning your home into a construction site, the first step is having the appropriate roofing material, color and have reviewed the scope of work that has to be performed. The roofing material is shingles, but choosing the best color for your home is quite the challenge. The color of the roof will demonstrate what kind of home you have and it can only be chosen once. Make sure the the color goes with along with the color scheme of your home. You only get to install a new roof once, so choose the color carefully. Once you have the color decided and the roofing material, it time to prepare your home for a temporary construction site environment.

shingle roof installation in sun cityReviewing the scope of the work that will be performed will determine how long your home will a construction site and what needs to be considered. Keep in mind who lives in the house. If you are going to install a new roof while your family is still living in the house, communicate and agree upon a schedule. Set a deadline on when the new roof needs to be done. From there, arrange a schedule. What time will the house be empty? When do the kids get home from school? Is there a possibility to sleep and eat somewhere else as the roof is being installed? Will is be safe for the kids to be around the house while you are installing the new roof? Will you be working during the period of time as you are installing the new roof? Can a shingle roof be replaced in one weekend? If so, what will the hours be? How will the weather be for the next two weeks? There is more to consider, but it’s a place to start.

The backyard and the driveway will be required to gain access to the roof. All vehicles should be removed from the driveway and parked away from the structure. The reason why you need the driveway and the backyard empty is to have the tools and equipment there. You may have a tool belt and a few light weighted tools on the roof, but not all them. Since you, not an expert roofer in Sun City with experience, don’t have a clear idea of possible problems that may occur on the roof, you might have to go up and down a few times to grab the proper tools to install the new roof.

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Anything around the perimeter of the property that would limit roof access should be removed. The backyard, patio and maybe the front yard will also need to be empty. Again, you are installing a new shingle roof. This might be the first, second or fifteenth time replacing a roof, whatever the case may be, things tend to fall or fly off the roof. Start with a clean, nail free backyard, so you can make a mess while you are installing the new roof on your home. Once your done replacing the new roof, you will clean and double check the every piece of nail had been picked up from the ground.

roof with installed shingle in sun cityKeeping in mind that dangerous material can fall or fly off the roof, keep your children and pets inside or off the job site. Children love to run around and pick items that are laying on the floor. Also, you are working with nail guns, hammers and other heavy equipment. If you have any heavy, dangerous equipment that is around the backyard or in the driveway, that is easy access for the kids to grab and play with. Again, keep your children away from the job site. Send them over to grandma’s or tell them to go play with the neighbor. Explain to the children why the backyard and driveway is off limits and it’s only for a few days.

Now that you have covered everything that might happen on ground, you need to prepare yourself to when you are 20 feet off the ground. Before climbing into your roof, cover all valuables that are in the attic and garage. Dust and debris can enter in those spaces. Just cover all the possible entrances and anything valuable that are in those rooms. After that, cut off the power to all roof attics fans.

sun city installed roof with shinglesOnce you done going over our advice, you may start installing your new shingle roof. Make you have the proper tools and equipment to keep you safe and to install the roof properly. After you are done installing the roof, contact a roofing company. Ask for a consult on the installation of the new roof. Arizona Roof Rescue have professional roofers that are familiar with all types of roofing materials and are well trained on installing roofs. Getting a thumbs up and a pad on the back from an expert roofer in Arizona will clarification that you did an incredible job on installing a new shingle roof. Also, if you did it wrong or missed a step, the roofer can either walk you through on how to proceed or you can hire the roofing company to finished up the roof for you. Contact Arizona Roof Rescue at 602-242-2706 or vist our if you have any questions or concerns about prepareing you home for adingle roof installation.

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