Warranties Offered By Arizona Roof Rescue with Roofing Contractor Alan Monzon

In any repair Arizona Roof Rescue does, we warranty our work for two years if it is a repair. If your roof is a shingle roof, you’ll receive a warranty on average of five years. You’ll receive a ten year warranty on a new product of tile roofs. We have multiple different warranties on our roofs.

  • 2 years
  • 5 years
  • 10 years

If you’re just getting cosmetic work, with a just a few replacements of broken tiles or sealing minor issues, you won’t receive any warranty because it’s only a minor repair. If you get any major work done, we will provide you with a warranty.

Roof Repair

It is very important to get your roof repaired so it can be protected from any damage and from the walls getting leaks. You should always get roof inspections if you need your roof fixed before any storm. Our teams wants to help you, as we can see things that need to be fixed easily and prevent your roof from any other damages. We will repairs right when they are needed.

Tile Roofs: We are a licensed residential roofing contractor that can replace or repair any tile roof. Also, we can restore your home to its original watertight state. As in we can match the tile used on any house, as the repair would be seamless and aesthetic.

Flat/Foam Roofs: Most roofs always need to repaired at some point, and other times replaced. Roof repair is a common need in the state of Arizona, as our weather can be crazy at times. In the summers it’s so hot causing materials to crack or wear out faster. We are also blessed with the hail storms which can cause a lot of damage to property and things responsible for protecting them, such as flat foam roofs.

Shingle Roofs: You should always repair or replace any missing or broken shingles immediately after noticing to avoid any more damage to the underlayment materials and wood. It’s highly recommended to get shingle roof maintenance to keep the life of your roof, checking and resealing all roof penetrations as required. Also, you should keep your roof debris free.


Arizona Roof Rescue is a full service roofing company. For both residential and commercial clients, we provide licensed bonded and insured service. Our company believes in customer service, client relations, and making this world a better place through roofing. For people who really need it, we offer an affordable service. When you need help, we’re the company our clients can trust. Contacts us today!

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