Saggy Roofs: What Causes It & How Can I Fix It?


What Should I Do If I Notice Roof Sagging In Arizona?

WMaybe you’ve noticed that a section of your home’s roof is sagging. You don’t like the way it looks, but you’re also worried that it might cause damage to the rest of your roof – or worse, damage the interior of your home as well. You’re probably wondering which Chandler roof repair company to contact, what can be done about the problem, and how much it will cost you.

The good news about sagging roofs is that it’s not always necessary to replace the entire roof just because one section is sagging. In many situations, a quality repair job in the sagging area is all a roof needs, depending on the severity of the location, where it’s located on the roof, and other circumstances. If your roof is sagging and you’re wondering how to fix it, contact a trusted Paradise Valley roofing company for an inspection and to develop a plan to move forward with the right repair.

Professional Roof Repair In Glendale, AZ

What Causes Roof Sagging?

When a residential roof starts to sag, it can be caused by any of several different problems. The most common causes for sagging roofs seen by Glendale roofing contractors include:

Water Damage

This is a frequent cause of roof sagging, even in Arizona’s relatively dry climate. Once water seeps below damaged shingles and gets trapped in the sheathing, the roof can start to sag. The problem gets even worse if your roof lacks adequate ventilation. When enough moisture accumulates inside the roofing layers, the shingles or roofing tiles will begin to decay. The sheathing that covers your home’s attic can also start to rot, which will cause the sagging appearance you might have noticed. In most cases, a Phoenix roofing company will need to replace a portion of the home’s sheathing, along with shingles and additional roofing material layers, so that the sagging problem can be fixed.

Home Materials Are Too Small

Sometimes, in an effort to reduce budget, a builder might utilize inadequate internal bracing or undersized rafters. In other situations, the space between rafters and trusses can droop because the sheathing is too thin for the span it covers. This results in a weakened structure and causes drooping or sagging in the middle of the roof. Similar to water damage, this issue can be repaired by Carefree residential roofing with new sheathing and roofing material, although the entire roof’s sheathing may need to be replaced if it is all inadequately sized.

Too Much Weight On The Roof

Excessive stress on the roof can weaken a home’s structure and cause structural damage. Although homes in colder regions are designed to withstand large amounts of snow, very heavy amounts can compromise the structure. Fallen tree branches after a storm are another common cause of excessive weight on the roof that can reduce the integrity of your home’s structure and result in sagging. Be sure to keep your roof free of debris and trim trees that may overhang your home in order to prevent this problem. If your roof is already sagging, contact Cave Creek roofing contractors to examine the damage and determine what repairs need to be done in order to strengthen your home’s roof.

Damage From Pests

Damage caused to your home by pests such as termites, who literally eat away at the wood and other materials that make up your home, can cause structural damage which leads to sagging. Prevent this problem by staying in contact with a pest control company. Avoid having trees close to your home which can provide a bridge for these pests to get onto your roof.

Your Roof’s Age

Although routine roof maintenance from Mesa shingle roofing will promote a long lifespan for your roof, eventually all roofs need to be replaced. A roof that is ready for replacement may begin to deteriorate and sag. If this happens, contact a professional roofing company in Glendale to learn about your options.

How To Fix a Sagging Roof

Examine your home from the curb and backyard, then walk slowly around your entire home, taking notes of any areas of your roof that are sagging or dipping. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a camera and flashlight into the attic to verify that your home’s trusses have not been damaged. Then contact the professionals at El Mirage new roof installation for an inspection and repair recommendations. Each sagging roof situation is different and will benefit from the experienced eye of a professional roofing contractor who can safely and effectively repair your roof as affordably as possible.

Quality Repair For Sagging Roofs In Glendale

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