Routine Roof Inspections: Preventing Disaster By Checking For These Essential Areas


The Importance Of Routine Roof Maintenance In Arizona

Most homeowners know that routine maintenance to the many different areas of their home is important. It’s easy to take care of simple maintenance such as replacing air conditioning filters, cleaning out gutters, or sealing tiled surfaces. However, some areas of home maintenance feel more intimidating than others. It’s very common for roof maintenance to be neglected. There are many reasons for this, which may be not owning a ladder, not really thinking about the roof, fear of heights, or simply not knowing what to look for during a roof inspection.

However, whatever the reasons why a homeowner may avoid maintenance of their roof, you probably know that roof damage can be very costly. Roofs that are not well maintained or are in poor condition can damage the rest of your home or even your neighbor’s property. To prevent serious consequences, it’s crucial to schedule an annual roof inspection with an experienced Glendale roofing contractor.

The Importance Of Routine Roof Maintenance In Arizona

Why Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

The best way to keep your roof in good working order is to contact a Mesa roofing company for a roof inspection at least once per year. This may seem excessive, but a roof is one of the most important part of your home, and the best way to keep roof repair costs low and avoid additional damage is to catch problems early.

For some people, it may feel tempting to perform an annual roof inspection yourself and save the cost of hiring a roofing contractor. However, a professional will be able to provide the best possible inspection of your roof and know exactly how things should be repaired, if at all – saving you money on both the cost of unnecessary repairs and by preventing interior damage to your home if something isn’t right.

What Happens During An Annual Roof Inspection?

During your annual roof inspection, your Buckeye roof repair specialist will look primarily at these three things:

Holes & Cracks

Depending on what type of roof you have installed, you can expect it to last 10-20 years, or longer. Generally speaking, most damage or normal wear and tear will occur after the first ten years, excepting for unusual situations such as severe weather or falling trees. But after the first decade, your roofing professional may begin to discover small holes or cracks in the surface of your roofing material. These may seem insignificant, but should be repaired right away before moisture or pests such as termites are given access into your attic. If ignored, small holes or cracks in your home’s roof will worsen and may become more difficult to repair with regular repair work. When you have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor, you can feel confident that only the correct amount of repair will be recommended to prevent further damage.

A Thorough Inspection Of Your Roof

A professional roofing contract will look not only at the top of your roof, but also all the parts of your home that connect to the roof. This includes parts of you home that you may not normally think about, such as piping, flashing, chimneys, and even skylights. Careful attention to these areas of your home will prevent expensive repairs in the future as well as keep you and your family safe against malfunction.

Water Damage

Standing water on a roof is a very common issue. Avondale tile roofing experts will take time during your roof inspection to make sure that water is flowing where it should in order to avoid water damage to the interior of your home. Mold, mildew, and fungi can grow inside homes even in Arizona’s arid climate, and often are the result of water dripping through your roof. This can include cracks and gaps between shingles or roof tiles, damaged flashing, and areas where roof lines connect. If left unchecked, dripping water can even make its way to the foundation of your home and cause tremendous damage. Save yourself the hassle of these common problems by getting an annual roof inspection from a qualified professional.

Contact Professional Glendale Roofers For Your Annual Roof Inspection!

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