Roofs can be a tricky business. From Glendale new roof installation, to maintenance, to repairs, to complete Glendale re-roofing, each aspect of Glendale residential roofing requires a specific skill set and knowledge. While there are a few general repairs and maintenance tasks you could undertake yourself, typically most roof jobs require a trained professional to ensure they are properly done. Here we will discuss several common roofing problems that should only be handled by a professional Glendale roofing contractor.

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Your Glendale tile roofing and shingle roofing is continually facing wear and tear from sun, storms, wind, hail, rain, and other elements. While a correctly installed and maintained roof is durable and will be able to hold up to the beating, eventually even the best roof will succumb to the pressure and begin to have cracks or other damages that cause slow water leaks. Once water and moisture get under the roofing material, leaks grow exponentially right along with mold and mildew. Ultimately this will lead to costly repairs, so it is best to have your roof inspected regularly for leaks or cracks to avoid any smaller issues snowballing into bigger problems.


Over time, water can begin to pool on your roof after a rainstorm, ultimately leading to big problems. These include sagging, cracks, leaks, clogged up gutters, and general debris build-up. To avoid having to deal with any of these issues, be sure to routinely climb up on your roof and do a quick clean-off, especially following a storm with large amounts of wind or rain.


Many homes have tall trees growing right next to them or overhanging the roof. While this creates aesthetic appeal, ultimately the dropping leaves and sticks can puncture the Glendale shingle roofing, clog the gutters, or create leaks. Close-hanging leaves can also trap moisture against the roof, encouraging mold or moss growth.


Inevitably, gutters and downspouts will become clogged and need a good clearing out. Call any Glendale roofing company near you to give you a hand in cleaning out your gutters to promote good drainage. Water that is continually pushed back onto your roof will begin to create all the problems mentioned previously.


It is important to routinely check your shingles to look for deterioration or damages. Over time, shingles and their protective layer tend to break down from exposure to elements, which of course can lead to leaks. A reputable Glendale roofing company would be happy to assist with any necessary shingle replacement or repairs.


While roofing materials are highly durable and can hold up to extensive beatings, punctures can still easily occur. Any foot traffic from roof checks, crazy storms or hail, or even animals can all create punctures which in turn lead to leaks. If these holes are not properly repaired quickly, they will spiral into much bigger problems and expensive repairs.


Fluctuations in temperature lead to roof damages as well. When there are extreme hots and colds, the roofing material and plywood underneath will expand and contract continually, which can lead to breakdown of the shingles and roofing membranes. This will cause the roof to crack and also pull away from the flashing, which causes gaps for water to flow through. Once that moisture settles in under the shingles, the continued temperature fluctuations will cause bubbling and encourage mildew growth.


Any gaps or holes created in your roof are an entry point for wildlife to get in and make themselves at home. Wasps, raccoons, bats, ants, squirrels, or mice can easily squeeze through gaps and begin to wreak havoc in your attic and home. Over time, this can unfortunately begin to compromise the structural integrity of your home, so it is a serious problem that must be dealt with quickly.


Poor maintenance is perhaps the overall biggest trigger leading to costly repairs. If you are unable to schedule a 10-15 minute check on your roof regularly plus after any storms, then find a Glendale roofer who can assist you. When your roof is not properly maintained, you will be continually investing heavily into Glendale roof repair due to water leaks, mold growth, cracks, missing shingles, and clogged gutters or downspouts.

Arizona Roof Rescue is a local roofing contractor servicing Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled and insured roofers are experienced in all types of roofing repairs and installation, and will gladly assist you with any roofing issues you may be facing. Call our office today to discuss roof maintenance with someone from our roofing team!

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