Checking For Roof Leaks After An Air Conditioning Installation in Glendale Arizona

Getting Relief from Desert Heat in Glendale, Arizona?

glendale arizona air conditioner contractorsIf you live in Glendale Arizona you know that an operating air conditioner is a must. So what can you do after your ac installation to ensure optimal performance? You can enjoy the comfortable temperature soon enough, but first you should check for roof leaks to be sure the air conditioner contractor has successfully completed the installation. The following will help you escape the brutal heat and ensure that you don’t face a costly roof repair later down the road.

To avoid many problems, your ac installation should be completed by a professional Glendale air conditioner contractor. However, being observant enough to catch leaks fast is important to your budget and your safety.

First, it’s important to understand why an air conditioner would make the roof leak in the first place. Because of the dry heat in Glendale Arizona the cold temperature of your new ac unit can sometimes build up more condensation than it can handle. As the air passes through your system and cools, it eventually reaches a time when condensation builds. Condensation is normal but if it gets trapped in the wrong place it can mean trouble. Therefore, checking for roof leaks is imperative to maintaining your home or business and staying cool at the same time.

If you have checked the roof thoroughly and no obvious roof leaks from outside forces such as heavy rain can be found, then chances are it is a condensation leak or a heavy rain leak finding its way into your recently installed air conditioner. After a Glendale Arizona ac installation, the air conditioner unit’s ‘blower’ can suck in rain from outside.

If you notice water being pulled in your ceiling, you should immediately check near and around the area of your unit. If the insulation is wet, it is likely rain from outside causing the over flow into the drain pan of the unit that is meant to catch the extra fluids from condensation or rain. When this becomes too full it can over flow causing serious problems if left untreated. If all appears to be well in the pan and insulation, a technician from your air conditioner contractor should be called in to check electrical components of the unit.

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