Roofing Features that Directly Impact Indoor Temperatures


Essential Tips To Keep Your Roof Cool In Hot Arizona Summers

In every season, homeowners are concerned about how to keep their home feeling comfortable while also keeping their energy bills under control. Plus, in hot Arizona summers, air conditioning is not just for comfort, but can be a necessity to avoid heat sickness – but unfortunately, not everyone can afford soaring utility bills.

Most people are surprised to learn that their roof’s structure, material, and features directly impact the temperature inside their home. Your home could be losing its coolness or holding on to excessive heat because of the shape or style of your roof. If excessive cooling bills are killing your budget, consider whether a change to some of these roofing features from Glendale roof repair may help keep your home more comfortable this summer.

Roofing Features that Directly Impact Indoor Temperatures

Your Roof’s Color

You probably already know that some colors absorb heat while other colors reflect heat rather than soak it in. In practical terms, this means that the amount of heat your roof absorbs from the sun into your home depends on what color it is. A darker color or black roof will absorb a lot of heat into your home, forcing you to spend more money keeping it cool. If your roof is a lighter color, such as yellow, tan, light blue, or a shade of white, it will absorb very little heat. This will keep your home’s temperature much cooler. Heat absorption explains why homes in areas that have very cold winters will almost always have darker or black roofing, while homes in the southwest are more likely to have roofs made with lighter colored materials.

Your Roof’s Materials

The materials that your roof is made from will significantly affect the temperature inside your home. Just like some roofing colors absorb more heat from the sun than others do, some roofing materials absorb more heat as well. Some materials do a great job reflecting light and heat. For example, a lighter colored metal roof is very light reflective, so it absorbs very little heat, and will do an excellent job keeping your home cool all year round. In contrast, an asphalt roof absorbs about 70% of the sun’s rays, regardless of its color. In Arizona, this means your home can become excessively hot, so it’s likely that your Glendale roofing contractor will recommend a different type of roofing material to help keep your home cooler.

Your Roof’s Technology

An exciting development in roofing, called “cool roofing,” is a type of roof that reflects more sun rays and absorbs less heat compared to a conventional roof. With cool roof technology, you can purchase a dark or light colored roof in the color of your choice, and have peace of mind knowing that your home will be reflecting the sun’s harmful rays and maintaining a more comfortable temperature. The energy efficiency of cool roofs help keep your utility bills under control.
Cool roofs are made with specialized roofing materials or painted with a reflected paint so that they absorb less heat than a standard roof. They are more expensive, but will help keep your home comfortable. Ask your Glendale new roof installation company if a cool roof is a good option for your home.

Your Roof and Attic’s Construction

No matter what type of roof you have, whether a cool roof or a conventional roof, the way your home was designed and built significantly affects how easy it is to maintain your home’s indoor temperature. Attic ventilation, sufficient insulation, and the way your roof has been constructed all make a big difference. If your attic ventilation has been correctly installed, your home’s insulation will be able to effectively block a large amount of heat, helping to keep the living spaces of your home cool and comfortable.
Many factors affect your utility bills, but when it comes to your roofing, the color, material, and construction of your roof all play essential roles. If your home is losing efficiency, consider hiring Glendale residential roofing to address this aspect of your home’s temperature.

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