5 Things That Can Take Their Toll On Your Commercial Roofing

Depending on the type of material that makes up your Glendale commercial roofing, the lifespan of your roof could be anywhere from 10-40 years, or sometimes even longer. However, there are many factors involved that can take their toll on your roof and lead to a shorter lifespan and require a Glendale re-roofing. Continue reading to learn about the five main factors that professional Glendale roofing contractors see affecting the lifespan of commercial roofing.

5 Things That Can Take Their Toll On Your Commercial Roofing

Initial Installation

The initial Phoenix new roof installation is perhaps the most important factor in determining the durability and longevity of your commercial roof. If the Phoenix roofing company who initially installed the roof did a slack job and cut corners, a large variety of issues can occur. These include sagging, leaking, collapse, and more. be sure to choose aPhoenix shingle roofing company that carries all the appropriate licensing and insurance, along with a strong reputation for excellent work.

Quality of Materials

It is crucial that when your Avondale tile roofing is installed, quality materials are used. Any reputable residential roofing contractor in Avondale knows that the quality of roofing materials on your commercial building has a direct effect on the lifespan of the roof. Different types of materials also carry different lifespans and costs, so discuss your long-term roofing goals and needs with your contractor to ensure that the most suitable material for you will be used in the installation.

Weather Elements

Although you obviously have no control over the weather, it is important to be aware how various weather elements will affect the lifespan of your commercial roof. Intense sun, windstorms, extreme temperature fluctuation, and heavy rain can each create problems for your roof. Even being exposed to constant hot, dry air in sunny Arizona can take its toll. Simply be aware of the potential damages that can be caused by weather elements, and be sure to inspect your commercial roof after harsh weather occurs. If you see any problematic areas, it is important to have Glendale roof repair done right away to eliminate the potential for further damage to occur.

Maintenance Requirements

No matter what type of materials are used, every roof is subject to eventual wear and tear and damages. Routine maintenance and inspections are important to help your roof last as long as possible. Anytime harsh weather hits, it is a good idea to assess your commercial roof and immediately fix any damages you may find.


When temperatures are extreme and fluctuate often, there can be buildup of excessive heat or moisture inside the attic of any building. Over time, temperature fluctuations can begin to cause peeling, flaking, cracking, and other damages to your roof shingles or tiles. Having proper ventilation and insulation is extremely important to ensure your roof stays cool, along with keeping the interior a steady temperature. Overall, this can even lower your utility bills because your air conditioning and heating units will not have to work so hard to maintain a particular interior temperature.

Inspecting your commercial roof and responding quickly to any damages or necessary repairs are key steps to take in maintaining the longevity and durability of the roof. Finding a reputable roofing company near you, such as Arizona Roof Rescue, will help tremendously as you strive to take proper care of your roof. As licensed, bonded, and insured local roofers, Arizona Roof Rescue has years of experience in all types of roof materials, and is adept in repair and installation for commercial and residential buildings. We take pride in our work and never cut corners, so you can trust that your commercial roof is in good hands with us. Contact us today at 602-242-2706 for exceptional customer service!

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