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Commercial and Residential Roofing Services by Arizona Roof Rescue
Arizona residential and commercial roofing needs require professionals who understand the unique challenges presented by harsh heat and unpredictable weather in the area. When a home or office begins to show roof wear, or a storm leaves behind significant damage, an Arizona roofing contractor must be skilled in many areas to get the job completed quickly, efficiently and for the lowest cost possible.

Arizona Roof Rescue employs contractors with over 35 years of combined experience. They offer guaranteed results and 24-hour emergency service every day of the week. Residential roofing encompasses a range of services including re-roofing, new additions, damage repairs and more. Quality materials are used to suit your needs depending on your top priorities. Asphalt is available for projects on a budget, where tile, clay and concrete may provide a higher aesthetic value. Shingles can be used to give a more natural look, and natural slate helps with weather-proofing a roof over the long-term. Discuss your needs to help determine the best materials for the job.

owners can also rely on the professional and competent staff at Arizona Roof Rescue. When roofing issues arise with commercial property, there are often related situations that require attention. Combined experience and expertise will handle the job from beginning to end, including any necessary repairs, inspection, cleanup, paperwork and more. Call for a free estimate and consultation to see how these Arizona roofing professionals can promptly satisfy your needs.

In the field of professional roof repair service, there is not much difference between commercial roofing products and residential roofing products. Most roofing companies will be able to work with shaker and tar paper shingles as well as composite materials and those made of metal. Aluminum and tin are often found in commercial roofing designed to cover flat areas. These roofs can be designed to cover entire buildings or the carports used with them. Companies offering Arizona commercial roof repair will be trained in covering both flat and apex style roofs.

The materials used for residential roofing are often products designed as all weather shingles. A residential roof is usually designed as a gable or apex style, which can have certain elements protruding from it. The roof contractors trained in residential roof repair will be able to place roofing around chimneys, skylights and antennas. Items such as skylights, will often need a protective sealer used around the edges of the exterior frame to prevent water from leaking down through the opening. Skilled roofers know how to apply the right type of sealants with many companies able to repair or replace worn out sky lights or attic fans.

In addition to commercial roof repair and residential roof repair, roofing companies will often offer maintenance services as well. Maintenance is performed on a routine basis to reduce the amount of work necessary for a repair job. These trained technicians can inspect roofs for signs of mold, mildew and dry rot. They can also help in the early detection of termites. Other tasks a roofing company can perform could include cleaning the roof and adjacent gutters of debris as well as making any necessary repairs to the outside chimney. A professional Phoenix roofing company can also install new roofing on any new or existing commercial building or residential home.

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