When To Call In The Roofers On A New Build

Professional Tile Roofers Arizona Roof RescueThough Mesa Arizona is known for its warm and dry climate, the roof of a new home should still be put up as soon as possible to protect the structure. But first, at least some of the rest of the home has to be built. After the footprint of the house and the lot have been staked out, the land will need to be cleared, then excavated. After this the excavation will need to be inspected and then the wood forms can be installed for the footing. The footing is the concrete that will support the house’s foundation and it will need to be below the frost line. As the frost line in Arizona is fairly shallow, the home probably won’t need a basement, as it probably would if it were built in the north. The contractor will refer to the local codes for this. After the this the foundation walls are built and foot drains are put it.

The foundation will then be waterproofed, ideally by a waterproofing company, and the soil will need to be treated for termites and other vermin, again by a professional in pest control. The professional plumber will then install the plumbing, including the sewer line. Wiring can also be roughed in. Sometimes pest control contractors wait till the plumbing and wires are in place before they do their work.

A concrete slab is then installed for the garage, and the frames and trusses of the house are now put up by the carpenter. The homeowner must make sure that all the components of the house are built and installed in the right sequence and that the contractors aren’t interfering with each other. If she’s working with a general contractor, he will be the one to make sure that the subcontractors are called in to work when they should, and that they’re paid. The general contractor will also order in the temporary electric system, port-a-potties, and all the construction supplies. He will also handle all the permits that are needed to work on the construction site, though the homeowner will have to pay for them.

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Exterior sidings or veneers are then installed, as are masonry chimneys. This should be done before the roof is shingled. After the chimney is completed, the Mesa roofing contractors should be called in. They will place 30 weight black roofing paper on the roof and use a nail gun or roofing tacks to secure it. The roofers throw any waste off the roof into a dumpster below, which has been provided for by the general contractor. When the entire roof is covered with roofing paper, the shingles are then installed.

At the same time HVAC, phone wires, cable lines, internet and other systems can be roughed in. They will also need to inspected, like everything else.

After this, the home is insulated. The insulation is also inspected. When this is done, the flooring is put in, then the drywall, cabinets, doors, shelves, countertops and other types of interior trim. The plumbing is then finished and clean up can begin. This, too, is a bit of a job, as the construction necessarily creates a great deal of debris. But, the general contractor is responsible for this as well.

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