Why Roofers Need Workman’s Comp And General Liability Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a requirement in all fifty states depending on the number of employees a company has on payroll. In the State of Arizona the Industrial Commission is the agency that oversees laws related to worker’s compensation, occupational safety and health. An employer is the responsible party to obtain workmens compensation insurance, not the employee.

Basically the reasoning behind workers’ compensation was to level the playing field and frivolous lawsuits. A mandatory system was installed by the government that protected the employer from lawsuits, in exchange for the employee purchasing insurance that provided compensation for the worker or workers’ family. Sort of like a “no fault” policy that provides coverage regardless of who caused the accident or death, as long as the accident arose out of and was in the course and scope of employment. You might think of it as a monolithic commercial general liability insurance policy.

So we have three major players in the workmens compensation insurance game in Arizona. The employee aka injured party, the employer, and the insurance company for the employer. However there is one more major player in the game, and that is the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). Their participation is merely as a neutral intermediary arbitrator if or when the employer/company and the injured party/injured worker, cannot come to terms on a compensation settlement.

There are many confusing aspects, minefields and unusual applications in settling a workmens compensation insurance claim, not to mention the paperwork, and possible insurance company battles. An example would be what requirements exist or must be met on a “compensable claim” that would entitle the worker to all the benefits allowed under the AZ workers’ compensation law? Roofers who do their “high-wire” act on the roofs of homes and buildings on hot or windy days should insure that they have general liability insurance coverage from their employer or self-insured. You never know when protection from the risks involved by lawsuits and similar claims; frivolous, or otherwise will be needed. All roofers should verify that they or their employer have that liability safety parachute protection.

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