Top 5 Injuries And Accidents For Roofers

When it comes to Arizona roofing companies and roofing insurance in general it is always a good idea to be informed about the most common injuries and accidents that roofing contractors tend to experience. Roofing is an incredibly dangerous profession simply due to the fact that it can be very easy to suffer a fall. Factoring in that a fall from only 15 feet up is classified as a serious mechanism of injury by medical professionals gives you an idea of just how risky it can be. Let’s take a look at the top five injuries and accidents that roofing professionals face.

Broken Bones

Falls happen all the time in this industry and in many cases broken bones are the result. Broken legs and ankles are common due to the fact that many roofing professionals manage to land on their feet but the sheer height they fell still causes injury. This is one of the biggest reasons the roofing industry in Phoenix Arizona and elsewhere faces special challenges when it comes to roofing insurance.

Back Injuries

Not only can back injuries result from falls, they can also result from trying to carry heavy objects, such as tool boxes, up ladders. Blowing out a disk or suffering other similar back injuries can be real consequence of overestimating one’s back strength. All PHX roofing contractors should remember to lift with their knees, not their backs.

Puncture Wounds

Typical of an industry that uses a lot of nails, puncture wounds can be very common in the roofing industry. This could result from careless hammering, not watching where one is stepping, or falling onto upturned nails. The severity of this injury is decided by the length of the nail, and where it pierces the body.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Another type of injury that roofing professionals have to watch out for are repetitive motion injuries. When a person preforms the same motion over and over again (such as hammering nails) for an extended period of time it can cause problems such as tendinitis, or pinched nerves. Carpel Tunnel is probably one of the most well known repetitive motion injuries.

Heat Related Injuries

This one may be a surprise but roofing professionals tend to work out doors and are very susceptible to heat related injuries. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be deadly if one doesn’t hydrate properly and sever sunburn can occur if one doesn’t take proper precautions. Heat injuries should never be overlooked or underestimated.

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