How An Ignored Roof Leak Can Turn Into a Catastrophe

The Importance Of Having a Roof Leak Repair On Time

Roof leaks are a serious issue that need immediate attention from a Glendale roofing contractor because they affect the integrity of your roofing. Most commonly, roof leaks happen when the roof is aged beyond its intended lifespan and is overdue to be replaced, because the roof shingles or flashing become damaged during a storm, from a tree branch falling on the home, or an infestation of termites or other pests. Since the roof is a critical part of your home’s structure, any damage it sustains will negatively impact the structural materials that make up the rest of the house.

Most people imagine a leaking roof as a stream of water falling from the rooftop into the home, through the ceiling, and making an obvious puddle in the middle of the floor. While this would be a helpful way to identify roof problems, leaking roofs rarely present in this way. Instead, roof leaks are a slow drip by drip process that gradually cause significant problems. These issues may be difficult to identify at first, but eventually will become potentially catastrophic for both the structure of the home and the people who live in it. Since leaky roof repairs can be quite extensive, many people put them off as long as possible. However, there is a risk of several dangerous situations that can happen if a leaky roof is not repaired in a timely fashion.
The Importance Of Having a Roof Leak Repair On Time In Glendale, AZ

5 Types Of Damage Caused By Roof Leaks

1. Mold

One of the first, and unfortunately most dangerous, consequences of a leaking roof is the growth of mold inside your home. When water leaks through the roof, moisture begins to build up in your home’s interior. This is the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Mold is not only unsightly, but also expensive to remediate and can be a silent cause of serious health issues. As mold growths release spores into your home, you may experience headaches, sneezing, throat and skin irritation, nasal congestion, severe fatigue, brain fog and neurological difficulties, and a host of other symptoms. If undiscovered and unchecked, mold damage to your home will eventually compromise the strength of your home’s structure. Hire an Avondale roof repair professional if you discover mold so you can stop it at the source.

2. Slip & Fall Accidents

While this is less common, continuous dripping of water through your roof can create puddles of water on the floor. If it happens at night, you may not even notice the water until you’ve slipped and fallen and become injured. Unexpected falls can cause fractures or internal bleeding, and are especially dangerous for the elderly. To prevent slip accidents, call a Mesa roofing contractor to get your roof repaired right away.

3. Your Energy Bill Can Increase

Small leaks in the roof may go unnoticed for some time. However, these very small leaks can still cause harm. For example, a leaky roof may cause water to start gradually accumulating inside of your home’s insulation. This can prevent your insulation from working the way it should, resulting in the loss of cooled or heated air. You’ll find this reflected in higher energy bills and less efficient appliances. If your energy bills have increased without obvious cause, hire a Glendale residential roofing company to inspect your roof to search for leaks and make any needed repairs.

4. Fire Hazard

This may seem counterintuitive, but if your roof is leaking, your home is at serious risk of electrical fire. Water and wires don’t mix and should never be ignored or managed on your own. If you notice a wet patch on your roof, contact both an electrician and roofing contractor to get the leak fixed so you can avoid the catastrophe of an electric fire in your home.

5. Your House Can Suffer Structural Damage

If ignored, a leaking roof will eventually cause massive structural damage to your home. Even when the leak appears only as a wet patch on the ceiling, you won’t know without an inspection how extensive the damage is. When not fixed right away, water damage can cause your ceiling to collapse, foundation damage, and rot the lumber that makes up the structure of your home. These catastrophes can cause serious injury or death to the people in your home. If you see any signs of water damage in your home, call a Carefree roofing company near me to start getting it repaired.

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