Top 5 Glendale Roofing Facts You Never Knew

Choosing the right roof for your Glendale home or business is critical. The right roof will protect the structure, help lower your energy bills, and last you for many years to come, helping you to save a lot of money in the long run. Learning everything you can about the different types of roofs can help you make the best decision.


Top 5 Glendale Roofing Facts You Never Knew
Learn about the top 5 roofing facts in Glendale Arizona.
Glendale, Arizona

Here are some of the top five Glendale roofing facts you likely never knew:

Roof Temperatures

It doesn’t have to be very hot outside for the temperature of your roof to get very high. Even when it’s only about 55 degrees outside, some roofing materials can get as hot 141 degrees. It depends on the angle of the sun and the materials used on your roof. The hotter the temperature, the more potential for damage to your roof.

Rain Doesn’t Always Fall Down

When you inspect your roof for signs of leaks or weakness, you may be thinking about the potential for rain getting through. However, it is important to remember that rain doesn’t always fall straight down. The wind can also blow it sideways or even straight up under the eaves of your roof. You must make sure the whole roof is protected.

The Source of Leaks Isn’t Always Obvious

When water starts pouring down from your ceiling, you may assume that the leak will be located directly above that spot on your roof. However, water can actually travel quite a bit through your roof before coming through your ceiling. The source of the leak can actually be several feet away from the water damage in any direction (except flowing up from a lower point on a slanted roof).

Maintenance is Cheaper than Repairs

You may think you can save a few bucks by skimping on maintenance, but doing so will actually cost you more in the long run. By getting the right routine maintenance, you can minimize your need for repairs and save yourself a lot of money. The cost of that maintenance year in and year out will be much less than the cost of repairs.

Some Roofs Last a Lifetime

Shingle roofs are popular in Glendale because they are economical, but they actually have the shortest life span of any roof. Tile roofs can last many decades, and foam roofs can last a lifetime. The longer the life span of the roof, the less it will cost you over the years.

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