Roofing Tools Recommended by Santa

Santa is looking after homeowners and how they preserve their roofs, since he spends most of Christmas Eve on them. He mostly looks after the do-it-yourself individuals who do their own roofing repairs and installments. Being that Christmas and New Year is around the corner, the do-it-yourself individuals love to inspect and evaluate their own tools. There is chance that these individuals have a DIY project, or might want new tools for the new year. Santa and Arizona Roof Rescue have recommendations for those do-it-yourself individuals.

roofing tools recommended by santa

Usually a hammer and a couple of nail boxes are the two top tools that everyone thinks of when it comes to repairs. However, doing roof repairs is more complicated. Everyone needs a strong, proper, clean roof. Especially during the holidays when Santa is landing on roofs and the public is looking at your house decorated with Christmas lights. The following list are tools that Arizona Roof Rescue and Santa recommend to do-it-yourself individuals who want to do their own roof repairs or installments.

1. Hammer, the best friend of DIY roofer. As we all know, it’s to remove and replacing nails. Hopefully everyone has one handy.

2. Chalk line, keeps your shingles straight. This tool helps you to outline and align the roof material properly. The chalk line is $5.09 in Amazon and $9.97 at Home Depot.

3. Tape measure, which helps you measure and align your materials. Hopefully everyone has one disposable. If not, here are a couple of prices to compare, $15.97 in Amazon and $9.98 at Home Depot.

4. Utility knife, once the measurements and alignments are established, depending on the material, a utility knife will help you cut those materials on the spot according to the measurements. This tool is $14.98 in Amazon and $9.97 at Home Depot.

5. Magnetic sweeper, an important tool when dealing with nails. This tool will help collect nails that are laying around. Don’t want to step on one or have it fall into the yard. This tool is $19.76 in Amazon and $9.19 at Home Depot.

6. Trowel and bucket, beneficial tools when dealing with liquid material that is necessary to do repairs on your roof, like cement. This tool is $11.10 in Amazon and $4.96 at Home Depot.

7. Pneumatic nailer, will help you staple any necessity material without doing any damages and over-driving through the material. This tool is $23.54 in Amazon and $43.26 at Home Depot.

8. Shingle removal tool, is the best tool with good leverage to remove shingles without doing any damages. This tool is $17.99 in Amazon and $29.95 at Home Depot.

9. Roofing stapler, a simple version of the pneumatic nailer. This tool is $21.78 in Amazon and $26.94 at Home Depot.

10. Insulation knife, perfect tool to cut insulation. It’s better to use this knife then the utility knife, given that this knife is designed to cut through insulation. It cost $13.99 in Amazon and $14.97 at Home Depot.

11. Drivable/portable debris container, an optional appliance. A debri container will be applicable to throw in any debris and trash. One can have the container on the roof and bring it down when its full. This appliance is $30.66 in Amazon and $11.97 at Home Depot.

12. Fall protection kit, the most important tool of all when it comes to doing roof repairs. This kit is necessary to avoid a devastating tragedy. You don’t want to fall and break your back. This kit is $67.73 in Amazon and $99.99 at Home Depot.

christmas gifts wrapped with roofing tools in themThe prices listed above are a start. Each price depends on the brand, quality and complex of the tool. In most cases, buying the tool online is more economical, than going to a local hardware store. However, going to a hardware store, you can talk with the retailer and ask for their reference and instructions about using the tool. Also, a hammer, measuring tape and a hand saw or knife are very common sense tools to have when doing a repairing job. However, there are other important tools that are necessary for your own protection and avoiding doing any serious damages when doing roof repairs. Click here to learn how to handle the elementary tools and avoid injuring yourself while repairing your roof.

Before doing any roof repairs in Surprise to your house, we recommend you to have a expert roofer inspect your Surprise roof. A minor repair, like a leaky roof, can be a DIY project. A professor roofer can verify and guide you through the process. Having a proper and safe roof is important, especially on Christmas when Santa is landing his heavy sleigh on it. Contact Arizona Roof Rescue today!

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