Do-It-Yourself Directions to Detect a Leaky Roof

A Leaky Roof Is a Languorous Roof

fort-worth-roofingThe main purpose of a roof is to keep natures elements from effect the interior of a structure. One of those elements that are most vital to shield off is water. If you have a roof that is allowing water to seep through your singles – or even worse leak through to the entire of your home, you can possible be causing serious damage. There are a few things you do to detect a leak in your roof before calling in a professional roofing contractor. When looking for leaks in your roof, do so at your own risk.

Here are the basic house-hold tools you will need:

  • A MAG or LED Flashlight
  • A small step stool.
  • A ladder (we recommend you have someone to hold the ladder for you for safety)
  • Chalk

Assessing the Attic

One thing you can do to check for a leak is to enter your home’s attic. Take a MAG Light and shine it on the attic’s ceiling. If you have a large attic this is where you will need the small step stool. Shine the MAG light along the entire attic ceiling, joists, and beams. You should be looking for spots in the wood. These spots are results of water entering your roof. If you find a spot, feel the spot to see if it wet. If it is wet, then you have a leak in your roof.

Finding the Flaw

Another do-it-yourself method of detecting leaks in your roofer is to get on your roof. Make sure you have your chalk with you. Take your ladder and place in a safe area to enter your roof top. As mentioned previous, we recommend you have a partner to help you and hold the ladder. Once you’re on your roof, slowly work your way across your roof top. You should be closely searching for loose shingles, lifted shingles, and exposed roofing felt. If you find any of indicators of a roof leak, take your chalk and mark the area.

To conclude, if you do detect a leak in your roof it’s important to call a professional roofing contractor out as soon as possible to further inspect the roof. A small leak can turn into a rotting roof if left alone. Rotting roofs have to be totally replaced in most cases, which will cost you more money than a simple repair.

This guest blog entry and picture was donated by the professional Fort Worth Roofing Contractors at LSAP Roofing. LSAP Roofing is a Texas based roofing company located at:

10505 Maria Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76135

Telephone: 817-953-2538

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