Top Five Ways Nature Can Ruin Your Roof

When bad weather strikes, along with the concern for your family, you as a homeowner will take concern over your property and whether it can survive the damages. Many natural disasters may collide and can leave the roof of your home or business in disarray. To understand the types of damages associated with Mother Nature, here are the top 5 ways weather conditions can ruin your roof.

        1) Hurricanes

hurricane winds damaging roofWith hurricanes, the first thing that gets destroyed is the roof. This is due to the excess rain and high winds that can take out a high surface at any given moment. When a weak area is placed on a high surface such as a roof, it can also bring damage to the gutter edge. Design mistakes can also be an issue. If proper care and being attentive was issued during the design process, it could survive the high pressure winds and rain. Hurricanes are common, which is why it is necessary to take the proper measures to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. Contact a Glendale roofing contractor to conduct a roof repair if a defect occurs. Also, make sure to have supplies, for instance plastic or plywood, to cover openings before a hurricane hits.

        2) Tornadoes

tornado roofing damageAir pressure inside a structure and the air outside, along with the air molecules generated is the reason many roofs are destroyed by a tornado. Low pressure causes by winds and debit can pull a roof upward, causing it to rip apart and fly away. To prevent your roof from going up into the air, try nailing down the roof to your structure. Nowadays, it is mandatory for roofs to be strapped to the walls and foundations of a home or building. A roofing contractor can provide the necessary local roof repair to ensure that your roof will be tack down in case a tornado occurs.

        3) Hail

hail damage roof repairHail can cause extensive damage to homes, particularly roofs, in a matter of seconds. It may not rip a roof in two or make it fly away, but it can cause water leakage or cracked and torn shingles. It could be hard to detect damages from a hail storm, but once one is over, try to check the vents and gutters first. Hail marks may be noticeable on shingles, so check your shingles if possible. If inspecting your roof is impossible to manage, consult a roofing company and the person will be able to determine the damage for you.

        4) Floods

Floods provide a high water impact that can quickly spread throughout the day. Once the high water goes to the roof, it can cause other damages within your structure, including the walls, floor boards, and even pipes. Water extraction will be the most logical clean up method if flooding occurs.

        5) Thunderstorms

thunderstorm roofing damageThunderstorms are less severe than hurricanes but can still carry a mighty punch due to winds and rain. During these circumstances, the damages and procedures are the same as in a hurricane. By being prepared and having the right supplies can help save your roof if disaster does hit.

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