5 Ways To Avoid a Shady Roofing Contractor

During the winter and near the end of the summer, Arizona is known for its monsoons and heavy rainfall. Along with this heavy rainfall comes strong winds and unfortunate weather conditions that can quickly compromise the state of your roof. If one of these storms has stripped away roofing tiles or shingles or caused untold damage to your home’s first line of defense against the elements, the best way to remedy this is to find a great, top rated, reputable Phoenix roofing contractor who you can trust to repair or replace your roof in Arizona.

Unfortunately, not all roofing contractors can be trusted when it comes to this line of work, but here are few ways you can avoid hiring a shady roofing contractor to take care of your roof:

Roofing Contractors Repairing A Roof

Check Safety Records

One of the most important things about taking on a roofing project is safety. Work to your roof is obviously done high up, and sometimes the incline of the roof may be steep. The best way to measure if your Phoenix roofing company meets the right safety requirements is to see if they provide routine OSHA safety training for their crews. This should be done with all roofing contractors across the board. You should also check if the roofing contractors Experience Modification Rate (EMR) falls in line with a verbal assurance. A sturdy EMR history is an average standard of 1 and is usually a good indication that the Phoenix roofer follows all of the rules to maintain a safe work environment.


When you are having any kind of work done on your house, you always want your general contractor or roofer to stay in touch with you so that you know everything that’s going on – you’re paying them for their work, after all. If you hire a Phoenix roofer who is sketchy, disjointed, and overall doesn’t respond when you call them, this is probably a solid sign that you haven’t hired a good roofer. If you’ve hired a reliable contractor, they will typically stay in contact with you, provide detailed completion reports, and be honest about any issues that may turn up during the job. So make sure your roofer is always in contact with you.

Licensed & Insured

Another good thing to look for when you need a Phoenix roofer is if they are licensed and insured. If you are hiring a roofer that isn’t licensed, that mistake is on you unless that roofing contractor is being dishonest about it. If they are licensed, you can look up their ROC number to verify that they are a legitimate roofing contractor who you can trust. Being insured is a double bonus and one that is usually necessary for them to run their business.

Can They Give You An Accurate Quote

Your roof is unique, and if you consult with a Phoenix tile roofing company about repairing or replacing your roof and they give you a quote over the phone, you might end up having some added costs in the end due to their failure to quote you accurately. A good roofing company will visit the site and examine the scope of work that needs to be done before they give you an estimate about the costs of the project. Don’t trust the first word someone tells you over the phone. This could be their way of roping you into costly repairs.

Do they Have the right resources?

Repairing or replacing a roof is a time consuming and difficult endeavor. The Phoenix residential roofers you hire will need a ton of resources to get the job done. From underlayment and either shingles or tiles, to the actual labor itself is already a large task that some roofing companies might not be prepared to complete. Make sure you find a good, quality roofing company that has plenty of resources to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. Otherwise you could be the one paying for it with an incomplete roof and tons of unneeded expenses.

When you need a trustworthy Phoenix roof repair company to help you when your roof is damaged after a winter storm or a summer monsoon, consult with the five star rated roofers at Arizona Roof Rescue. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company that offers the best roof repair services in the Valley, backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are a local Phoenix roofing company that you can trust. Contact us today to find out more about our vast library of commercial and residential Phoenix roofing services.

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