Roof Maintenance Prevents Roof Repair
in Glendale Arizona

Roof Maintenance Vs Roof Repair

Roof Repair ArizonaTo maintain or to replace, that is the question. We all know that repairing or replacing a roof in Glendale Arizona is no easy task. Not only is roof replacement inconvenient it can also be costly. Something to consider is that every different style of roof has what is called an “actual roof life.”

In Arizona concrete tile roofs are very common. They are designed to withstand the dry heat that they endure on a daily basis. A concrete tile roof can last 50 years or more if installed properly. Here in Seattle they are not as common and they don’t last as long in our climate. The most common roof in the Pacific North West is an architectural laminate roof. The roof life of an architectural laminate roof is between 17-25 years. So the question is how do we get the most life out of our roofing systems?

Proper Roof Maintenance Will Prolong Your Roof’s Life

A well maintained roof will live beyond the average 17-25 years. A poorly maintained roof can fail and begin leaking even before the 17 year mark. The big issue here is that if you do not maintain your roof its going to cost you a lot of money as you will need to replace it as much as 10 years prematurely. If you do a little math the cost of having your roof properly maintained by a roofer in Glendale such as Arizona Roof Rescue saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Lets say a roofer were to come out once a year to clean and maintain your roof at the cost of $250.00. In ten years you would spend $2,500. That yearly maintenance is going to extend your roof life up to 10 years or more. If your roof costs $12,000 and you have to replace it twice in 20 years due to neglect that’s $24,000! Not maintaining your roof is very expensive. It’s well worth it to have a roofer come out once a year and keep your roof clean and leak free.

Maintenance is a much better alternative than repair or replacement. If you have concerns about the condition of your roof in Arizona contact a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor like Arizona Roof Rescue, you will be in safe hands.

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