6 Factors To Consider Before Getting A Roof Replacement


How To Prepare For a Roof Replacement: 7 Practical Tips


Homeowners usually have several reasons why they are considering replacing their roofs. Some of the reasons include age and damage. Others include low cost, improved energy efficiency, and necessary repairs.

Roof replacement is not a one-size-fits-all affair, so you must consider some things before moving forward with a replacement. Fortunately, our Avondale roofing company can help you!

The following factors will help you decide whether replacement is the best option for your roof or not.

Get some pen and paper and take notes of this information, you’ll need it!

 Getting A Roof Replacement

What Is Re-Roofing?

When weighing the benefits of a new roof replacement against roof repair, knowing the age of your roof is a smart place to start. Although most roofs survive 15 to 30 years, many things can harm your roof and cause it to age prematurely, including inadequate ventilation, exposure to heat or moisture, and poor installation.

There are clear indicators of aging to check for if you are unsure of the age of your roofs, such as curling or lifting shingles or broken fragments in the yard that may have blown off.

Where Do You Live?

The weather has a big impact on how well your roof holds up and what kind of roofing materials you should use. Strong sunlight, heat, snow, and rain all impact your roof. And as you can guess, the sunny days in Arizona play a crucial role when choosing a roof.

Consider the strong UV rays, the rainy season, and extreme heat. You can contact a Chandler roofing company to get more guidance.

Tiles, foam, and shingle roofings are usually the best materials for Arizona, especially when you want to avoid melting heat in your house.

Leaking & Other Damages

Although stains in your attic or ceiling from a roof leak are easy to see, that is only one damage your leaky roof can bring. Leaks can sometimes occur silently, inflicting unforeseen damage and decay by seeping into your inner walls or dripping beneath your roof shingles without ever entering your home. In the long run, further damage under your shingles may end up costing you more.

Your roofing contractor should be able to analyze the situation more closely and help you find an estimate that includes the costs of any additional damage. It might be difficult to identify the degree of water damage without replacing the present roof shingles.

In this situation, it’s crucial to ask your contractor how damaged wood will be handled and what extra fees might be expected if problems are discovered.

Costs Involved

Although a complete roof replacement will cost more than a roof repair, it can still be the best choice, especially when the damage is unrepairable.

A Carefree roofing contractor will be able to identify whether you only need to fix some areas of your roof rather than replacing it entirely if it is new or in good shape.

If the roof was poorly installed, it might be necessary to replace it entirely. Your roof’s age, condition, and type of damage will all play a role in this. The contractor should also advise you with a cost estimate for roofing repairs or replacements. In short, they can give you an estimate at once so you don’t get surprised once the project is finished.

Will You Get Solar Panels Soon?

Solar panels are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Some choices you make regarding your roof may change if you’re considering installing solar panels soon.

Once more, your roof’s age will influence whether or not it can support solar panels, so don’t anticipate anything before checking your roof’s characteristics. When solar panels are added to a weak or broken roof, it can cause fractures, leaks, decay, and other problems.

Be aware of that because many people decide to install solar energy before replacing their roofs. Unfortunately, some of these people do it without consulting with a Avondale roofing contractor first or at least knowing the roof’s age.

Are You Selling Your Home?

You might be asking why you even need to replace or repair your roof if you plan to sell your house in the future.

Remodeling Magazine claims that building a new replacement roof might result in a significant return on investment (ROI). Purchasers prefer the security of investing in a house with a new or freshly repaired roof.

A new roof with a new guarantee is always more alluring. Therefore, you should still consider replacing your roof if you’re planning to sell your home soon. You might not use the roof by then, but potential buyers will feel more tempted to your house by seeing a recently installed roof.

Contacting A Glendale Roofer

Knowing the answers to these questions will make it much easier for you to know the best course of action. However, at Arizona Roof Rescue we’re always ready to help! Contact us now so we can help you decide what your roof needs before your home suffers more damage!

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