Do You Need A Complete New Tile Roof Or Just An Underlayment Replacement?


Differences Between New Tile Roofing & Paper Underlayment Replacement


Tile roofs are a beautiful and functional addition to most homes. However, they can get damaged over time. External elements like hot temperatures and harsh weather conditions can speed up that damage, leading to necessary repairs or replacements with a Avondale roof repair company.

If your tile roof is suffering from severe damage, it may be time for a complete replacement. But if it only has a few cracks on the surface, it may need an underlayment replacement. If you’re wondering how to differentiate them, don’t worry, we’ll explain that in this article.

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Maybe You Only Need A Tile “R&R”

In the roofing industry, we call underlayment replacements tile “R&R” (it stands for remove and reset or remove and reinstall).

The process consists of taking out the tile, swapping out the old paper or felt underlayment for a fresh, rubberized one, and then reinstalling the original tile. During this process, we also take care of any damage we find. While installing new flashing, we also swap out outdated sticks or bats.

A tile R&R requires almost as much labor as installing a brand-new roofing system. But as the homeowner, you get the benefit of spending less money because a tile “R&R” is less expensive than a complete replacement. You don’t have to pay to replace a tile if it’s still in good shape.

This is a particularly good option if you want to keep the same tile color on your roof. A trusted Chandler roofing company can perform this project safely. Plus, why pay for a completely new roof that will look just like the one you already have? Instead of buying new tiles, you can use your money to get a tile R&R.

Why Is Underlayment Replacement Necessary?

When it rains, the underlayment helps to drain water off your roof. The tile isn’t entirely watertight by itself. Roofing tiles shed most water, but not all of it. Some water still flows beneath the tiling. The metal flashing and underlayment stop the water from penetrating your property and creating harm.

The old paper underlayment installed when your home was built is probably nothing more than dust after scorching in the Arizona sun for a few decades. Your house is no longer shielded from leaks by it.

New Underlayment Paper Provides Additional Protection

The last paper for underlayment is modified with rubber, so it’s more resistant. Moreover, the rubberized paper is probably going to survive longer than the previous felt-like paper. This type of paper offers additional defense against leaks. If it is punctured by a nail or other sharp object, the rubber portion seals the wound.

Keep in mind that hiring a high-rated Carefree roofing company is crucial for this. That’s because trusted roofers typically use a modified 40-lb paper, especially in the Phoenix and Glendale areas. The word “modified” denotes that rubber is included in the paper.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Tile Roof?

A tile roof may last for 50 years or longer. Nevertheless, a lot relies on the surrounding conditions, the underlayment used, and the maintenance. Arizona has a warm temperature most of the time and it experiences heavy rains. Therefore, UV and moisture protection is crucial.

The underlayment is the main defender against external elements, so it becomes very important in determining how long a roof lasts.

Accumulated debris is another significant source of harm to a tile roof. Roofs are designed to move water as quickly as possible down and off the roof. Fallen leaves, tree branches, and other debris block the flow of water off the roof. Debris on your roof can seriously impede drainage, especially if it accumulates in valleys.

Your roof will probably suffer severe damage if water pools or runs off too slowly. Pooling water has the potential to penetrate the underlayment through the tiles. Never forget that a tile roof’s lifetime depends on its underlayment.

We suggest hiring a Glendale roofing contractor at least once a year to check your roof and ensure its underlayment is in good condition.

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