4 Crucial Signs You Need To Replace Your Metal Roof


When Should You Replace Your House’s Metal Roof?


Metal roofing is long-lasting and strong, but that doesn’t mean you can leave it unmaintained. This material can last many years with the proper maintenance and environment, although you may have to replace it sooner or later.

Your metal roofs will experience wear or tear just like other roofing materials. Therefore, you must keep an eye on it to see if it has obvious signs of deterioration. Some of these signs indicate it’s time for a replacement with an Avondale roof repair company.

Since we want to help you the best way we can, we will give you four crucial signs to know if you need a roof replacement ASAP.

Arizona roofing contractors replacing a metal roof

Your Roof Is Old

Metal roofs are famous for their long lifespans. Nevertheless, you must consider how long your metal roof has been on your home if you plan to stay there for many years or want to know your home’s value. Not to mention that the type of metal used in your roofing system is also essential, as they do not last the same.

All metal roofing systems show signs of damage after some years of use. For most, this happens around their 20th to 30th year of installation. Many manufacturers claim that some metal materials last longer than 30 years, but that’s not always the case.

Below is a guide to know the longevity of the most commonly used types of metal roofs:

  • Steel Roofing: You can expect at least 40 years of use. It may be a shorter lifespan than other types of metal, but it still exceeds the lifespan of asphalt shingles.
  • Aluminum Roofing: Aluminum is lighter than steel, but lasts longer. Aluminum can last up to 50 years if your Carefree roofing contractor installs it correctly.
  • Copper & Zinc Roofing: Both materials have a maximum lifespan of 100 years. However, zinc has a slight edge over copper because it lasts around 60 years, while copper’s average lifespan is 50 years.
  • Whether aluminum or copper roofing, never forget to calculate your roof’s age. It is crucial to know how much time it has left for replacement.

    Corrosion & Rust

    Roofers apply a protective sealing on your roof to prevent rust and corrosion, but this seal may become damaged over time. In some cases, the coating is not applied correctly, leading to faster exposure and decay.

    Large patches of rust deteriorate the protective coating, so you may see cracks, holes, and leaks over time. Additionally, if your roof has more than one type of metal, it has a higher risk of rust and corrosion because contact between dissimilar metals causes a chemical reaction. This corrosion can destroy your roof and cause water damage.

    Rust is one of the most noticeable signs of replacement. It also indicates your roof is aging and needs a new protective coating on the surface.

    If you see patches of rust or corrosion on your metal roof, contact a professional Chandler roofing company. It is the best solution to inspect and repair the damage. If the metal material has received a lot of damage, it may need a replacement.

    It Already Has Leaks

    Rust or corrosion is such a big problem that it can cause leaks. Over time, your roof panels may become loose and allow more leaks to penetrate your house. If you see a leak in your roof, call a professional roofer immediately to solve the problem and repair the metal panels.

    The leak may be a minor inconvenience, but it has the potential to grow bigger if left unattended. You could be facing a lot of water damage and rot in the long run, leading to more damage to electrical systems and housing materials.

    You Have a Sagging Roof

    Metal roofs usually don’t experience sagging due to their robust nature — but when it does, you must take action immediately.

    The extreme heat in Arizona can cause the metal panels to sag, becoming more vulnerable to pooling and sagging. These types of damage create rust and corrosion, leading to the end of your metal roof. Call a professional to solve the problem if you see water collecting on your roof.

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