Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Phoenix Flashing

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Phoenix Flashing

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Phoenix Flashing

Here’s more information about how flashing is used to protect your home and roof!
Phoenix, Arizona

When you think about roof repair or getting a new roof, your first thoughts are probably about the type of shingle or tile you will get or what kind of insulation you need. Most people don’t think about roof flashing because they don’t really know what it is. Yet flashing is one of the most important components of your roof.

Flashing is made of metal, plastic, or a composite material, and it is laid down under your roofing or siding material at places where vents, chimneys, doors, windows, eaves and other elements intersect with the roof or the siding. Flashing ensures that the roofing material and siding remain water tight to protect the home against leaks and rotting.

Working with an experienced Phoenix roofing company can help you better understand the best types of flashing for your Phoenix home and where it needs to be installed. A roofer can also diagnose poorly installed flashing before it allows leaks to spread in your home.

Here’s more information about how flashing is used to protect your home:


Dormers are the small protrusions from your attic or roof that include a window and look like they could be part of an interior room. They are mostly cosmetic. However, because they create an angle with the roof, they present some special issues for your roofer.

Metal flashing is typically used around dormers and the windows on them. Flashing squares or strips are used around the border of the dormer, but the exact technique depends on the design.

Sky Lights

Sky lights can make a room appear more open and inviting, but they can also create opportunities for leaks. Flashing helps to seal the skylight and prevent water from leaking into your home or under the roofing material.

Flashing is usually installed as one continuous piece around a sky light. If you are re-roofing your home, the sky light will likely need to be removed or raised in order to fit the new flashing.


All homes have some kind of vents protruding from the roof, such as a hood vent or pipe vent.Why Phoenix flashing is important Special pipe flashing is used for these openings. Sometimes, the flashing looks like a boot that fits over the vent and flares out at the bottom. Sometimes, the flashing is a flat piece of metal that is pre-cut around the size of common vent openings. The flashing is designed to cover a certain area around all sides of the vent opening.

Determining the right kind of flashing and ensuring that it is properly installed is best left to an expert Phoenix roofer. Arizona Roof Rescue can repair or install flashing on your roof as part of a new roof installation or as part of routine roof maintenance or roof repair. With the right materials and properly installed flashing, you’ll make your roof healthier and adds years to its life. That will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years, and it will help you put off getting a new roof for longer. Call us today to learn more.

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