Tackling a DIY Glendale roof repair or a Glendale new roof installation can be a risky business. Even someone with a little experience can feel apprehension about the challenges of replacing a few shingles or a whole re-roofing project in Glendale. While it is typically recommended by Glendale roofing contractors to simply hire a trained professional, sometimes that can be financially difficult for the homeowner. Therefore, our experts at Arizona Roof Rescue in Glendale have compiled a quick list of ten simple safety steps for you to consider as you move forward with your DIY roofing project.

Roofing Repair

1 – Grab a Buddy

Remember that there is safety in numbers. Ask a friend or relative to help you with your Glendale shingle roofing. Or at the very least, make sure somebody is aware that you will be working on your roof on that specific date, and the estimated time frame. That way, you have a safety system setup where someone can be checking in to make sure you haven’t fallen and hit your head, or been injured in any way.

2 – Plan Ahead

Save yourself multiple trips up and down the ladder, which can be dangerous in itself. Make a list of your estimated supplies and tools, prepare them in advance, and try to utilize to the fullest each trip you make up and down the ladder.

3 – Check the Forecast

Watch the weather, and be flexible. If the forecast calls for rain, lots of wind, hail, or storms, it is best to choose a different day. An excellent choice would be a day that is warm and sunny. However, keep in mind that the temperature on your roof will be much higher than on the ground. If you plan to install your Glendale tile roofing in the middle of summer, it would be worth the effort to plan an early morning start to beat the heat.

4 – Slow Down

Oftentimes, accidents happen because people are in too much of a rush to get something done. Slow down, take your time, and stay safe! If you are really under a time crunch and have to get the roof done by a certain deadline, hire a reputable Glendale roofing company instead, such as Arizona Roof Rescue.

5 – Roofing Seat

It may be worth investing in a roofing seat as well. This is a special little seat that secures to the roof pitch and allows you to take a more restful stance while doing monotonous tasks during roofing (such as shingling, etc). Resting while working, when possible, helps prevent muscle cramping and exhaustion.

6 – Sweep First

Clean your roof before beginning your project. Clear off all sticks, dead leaves, pine needles, and anything else that could cause you to slip and fall. Starting with a clean workspace will go a long way in keeping you safe throughout your project.

7 – Don’t Be Stupid

Be smart about using the ladder correctly, and be aware about how you are walking on the roof. Only use your tools and supplies according to the manufacturer’s instructions; remember that improper use can contribute to great injury.

8 – Have Correct Footwear

Wearing the proper shoes will help tremendously in keeping you safe. Non-slip, rubber-soled shoes with good tread will help prevent slips and falls while walking on the roof or climbing the ladder.

9 – Use Proper Protection

Remember to use your safety harness whenever possible. Toe holds are also a helpful option for keeping your feet steady while shingling.

10 – Set Realistic Expectations for Yourself

Lastly, know your limits. If you feel like you are in over your head, get stuck halfway through, or feel too overwhelmed at the prospect of doing it yourself in a timely manner, do not hesitate to hire a local Glendale roofing company near you. The investment will be worth saving you the stress, time, and effort that go into a DIY roofing project.

Arizona Roof Rescue is a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor in the Phoenix area. Our roofers are experienced and trained in all types of roofing materials. Whether you need simple repairs or an entire roof installation, Arizona Roof Rescue is there for you every step of the process. Call us today at 602-242-2706 to speak with one of our roofing contractors!

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