How You Know Your Roofing Tiles Are of the Highest Quality

Tile roofing is highly popular in Arizona due to its ability to withstand the extreme summer heat and intense sunlight, along with its durability and unique beauty. Roof tiles are typically prized over other materials such as Avondale shingle roofing or spray foam, especially because they can have a long lifespan when maintained properly. Unfortunately, some homeowners shy away from Avondale tile roofing due to its price tag. While handmade clay tiles can definitely be a bigger financial investment, the quality is unbeatable, especially when compared to cheaper machine-made alternatives. Most reputable roofing contractors in Glendale will agree that compromising on quality to pay a cheaper price is likely a mistake and will lead to extra expenses for roof repair and tile replacement in the near future.

So how do you know if the tiles involved with your Glendale new roof installation are actually high quality? The professional technicians at Arizona Roof Rescue have compiled a few tips for you to follow when testing the quality and integrity of your new roof tiles.

How You Know Your Roofing Tiles Are of the Highest Quality


The sound test is super simple. Many homeowners are unaware that tapping two tiles together can offer quite a bit of information about the tile itself. When two clay tiles are gently but firmly tapped together, they will make a “ring” sound. If you hear this “ring”, your tiles have passed the test! If no “ring” is present, the tiles are probably cracked. However, if you hear a dull “thud” when the tiles are tapped, it is likely that your Phoenix roofing company is using faulty, old, or salvaged tiles. Ask your contractor if they have done this test, or are willing to do so in front of you. Their response will be very telling!


Another fantastic way to tell the quality of your roof tiles is to do the soak test. Ultimately, the less water that is absorbed by your Peoria residential roofing, the better. If the tiles soak up water like a sponge, you will have nothing but leaks and extensive damage inside your home, resulting in an expensive Peoria re-roofing project.

To perform the soak test, be sure that your test tile is completely dry before you begin. Weigh it on a reliable scale and write down that number. Then, soak the tile in a bucket of water overnight (or for several hours), making sure it is completely submerged the whole time. In the morning, remove the tile from the bucket and weigh it again. Then do the following calculation:

Weight of roof tile after soaking (divided by) original weight of the roof tile = <1.06

Essentially, this calculation will show you the level of absorbency in the tile. Ideally, you want the weight of the roof tile to increase by less than 6 percent. If the absorbency level is higher than 6%, that means the tile is low-quality and will breakdown from the elements over time. Mention this test to your roofing contractor serving Phoenix and ask their advice in this area.


Finally, make sure to actually look at the tile and inspect its appearance. What is the consistency of the material like? Is it flaky on the surface? If you break the tile, does the inside have the same consistency as the outside? Depending on the answers to these questions, your roof tiles may not be in excellent condition.

Additionally, observe the overall shape and layout of the tiles. Do they lay flat when set down? Are the dimensions and edges identical or at least very similar? Remember that handmade clay tiles will have some degree of error and fluctuation, but ultimately, they should be very consistent from one tile to the next.

If the new roof tiles from your chosen Phoenix roofing company near you do not pass any of these tests, pursue a different roofing contractor. Roofing is a big investment, and it is important to make a wise financial decision. Use what you know, and make an informed decision about purchasing a quality product before you begin your tiling project.

Arizona Roof Rescue is an experienced, full-service roofing company available for all your tile roofing needs. Our contractors are adept in working with tiles, and use only high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability for your roof. Our prices are affordable and competitive, and will match our excellent workmanship and reliable materials. To learn more about our services, contact Arizona Roof Rescue to consult with a contractor!

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