Re-roofing, Replacing An Existing Roof

Residential Re-Roofing by professional roofers at Arizona Roof Rescue

Arizona Roof Rescue excels at roof replacements and residential re-roofing services! Re-roofing a structure is commonly needed, and can be a lot of work as well as a large expense when it happens. Often, mistakes that occurred in the original construction become apparent when professional roofing companies go to tear off the roof that exists. These roofing flaws are problems that need to be dealt with immediately, to prevent future problems with your roof.

Occasionally, your roof doesn’t need to be fully replaced, and only requires minor or major roof repair services. Which will be noticed during your free inspection from your local Arizona roofing company.

Problems That Can Arise When
Installing A Replacement Roof

When tearing off an old roof, we often see things that need to be addressed before the new roof can go on. Some of the issues that come up are:

  • Warped roof planking, or missing roof boards
  • Sagging Trusses, where the roof plywood cannot level because the truss is riding low
  • Improperly installed or Flashing Missing from chimney vents, roof vent fans, solar panels, satellites or roof top AC units
  • Damaged gutters or scuppers

As you can see, when replacing the roof, often the least complicated part of the job is putting on the new roof, all the steps that come before could require a professional roofing contractor skilled in multiple trades, such as framing, or rooftop hardware installation.

How Much Does Reroofing Or Roof replacement cost?

That can be a complicated question to answer, based on the type of roof system, the materials being used in replacement, associated labor to prep the roof. We know our customers need to get their roofs replaced at an affordable price, and we want to avoid a scenario where people are paying time and again for repairs, when the real solution is a roof replacement.

Is your Arizona home in need of re-roofing services? Call Arizona Roof Rescue to get a free estimate on your roof replacement, and be surprised at how affordable we can be.

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