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Since the 1960’s, Sun City has become a widely known city for being the first planned active retirement community. Home to nearly 40,000 residents, Sun City has developed into a diverse community of new families, retirees, and residents who work in Phoenix.

Although Sun City mostly consists of retirees, most of these residents are travelling to other parts of the country during the summer months. It is during this hot season when the most damage is done to rooftops, due to intense heat and electrical storms. Normally, this is taken care of immediately, but in Sun City, many of the homeowners are away from town, and the damage is left abandoned, only to worsen with the following months until they return home in the fall.

With that information in mind, Sun City is often overlooked by most roofing companies. This is for a number of reasons; namely that there are not as many businesses in need of roof repair as there are neighborhoods. These circumstances make it hard for those who live year round in Sun City, and residents who are out of state are unaware of the harm done to call for repair during the times when Sun City rooftops are most vulnerable to damage.

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Weather in the Sonoran Desert is paradoxically unpredictable, especially during monsoon seasons in the summertime; it could be clear and sunny one moment, without a cloud in the sky, and the next, the sky is black and the streets are covered in hail and mud. Not to mention, there is always dust, and lots of it. this usually accumulates in the air filters on a regular basis, and it’s not easy to clean out. All of these occurrences cause unpredictable leaking and tearing of rooftops, and with the dirt, can cause poor insulation, a ridiculous air conditioning bill, and unexpected visitors, such as wolf spiders and scorpions, who enter the houses from torn open holes.

We can replace roof boards, tiling, fix your gutters and get you new filters! And, being the Home of the Sun, there’s a lot of sunshine to go around, which is why we also assist in adjusting you sun panels and satellites. This is all done at an affordable price that will keep you and your wallet cozy. We can’t let Sun City get conquered by the natural forces of the Valley! Call us at Arizona Roof Rescue to save your roof from destruction!

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START: Avondale, Arizona

  • Head west on NW Grand Ave toward N 99th Ave
    20 ft
  • Make a U-turn at N 99th Ave
    3.7 mi
  • Use the 2nd from the left lane to turn slightly right onto US-60 E/NW Grand Ave
    2.5 mi
  • Turn left onto W Myrtle Ave (signs for 59th Ave)
    0.2 mi
  • Turn right onto N 59th Ave
    1.0 mi
  • Turn left onto W Rose Ln
    0.2 mi
  • Turn right onto N 57th Dr
    Destination will be on the left

END: Arizona Roof Rescue
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