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Roof Repair Services in Glendale Arizona by Arizona Roof Rescue
Arizona Roof Rescue is the new answer for Glendale Roof repair. We have combined the experiences of master roofing contractors of different disciplines to form a roofing company that can answer the call of all homes in Glendale. Whether you have a regular 3-tab roof, an asphalt upgrade, clay tile, tile roofing or any form of membrane roof, for any commercial or residential applications, we are the company you need to come to for your roof repair.

We believe that customer service means answering every roof repair call that we can. That is why our staff is trained in all types of roofs. By helping you with your current leak or repair issue honestly and fairly, no matter what material your roof is composed of, the word will get around. When you need a major repair from a tree falling or moisture damage, you will remember our skill, our courteous and respectful crew and our professionalism.

We are a full service roof repair company, which we provide licensed bonds and insured service to the residents and companies to cities all over the valley!

Great Team!

“They were very informative and I was amazed at the speed at which my home was re-roofed.”

Five star reviews for Arizona Roof Rescue

Professional Staff!

“I will definitely be using them if I ever have roofing needs again.”

Five star reviews for Arizona Roof Rescue

There is little to say about the weathering issues of the Phoenix Valley, being that we live in an arid, relatively placid climate. However, with the unpredictability of our monsoon seasons, the valley will often receive heavy rainstorms and dust storms with strong winds sure to cause leaking and roof damage.

Because the Glendale area is much younger than Phoenix and farther from the rest of the Valley, it is often overlooked by roof repair companies, being that the houses are in newer condition. That, however, is not a viable reason to scan over the area, being that most homes are not prepared for any kind of weather. It is in our duty to answer all roof repair calls, and so we are sure that our staff is trained to repair all roof types including Glendale shingled roofs.

Arizona Roof Rescue makes value and quality our primary concern. We are familiar with dealing with insurance companies and can help to expedite claims, we are licensed, bonded and insured and our Glendale roofing contractors are NATE certified. This means that our workmanship is guaranteed. A new level of care and customer service in roofing repair is emerging with Arizona Roofing Rescue at the forefront. Dependability and value is what we give to Glendale.

Arizona Roof Rescue
6069 N. 57th Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85301
Customer Service: (602) 635-8650
Main Office: (602) 242-2706
Fax #: 602-595-2704

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